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Chapter VII -- The Children of Thomas and Jane Boultbee and Their Descendants

    It may be simplest if we give some account of the daughters of the house, reserving the sons till afterwards.

    Lucy the eldest daughter (born 27 October 1751) married Mr. [William] Sprigg, a solicitor at Market Harborough [in 1799 Ed.] and after his death Mr. Barker who had property at Ruddington in Nottinghamshire. She left no children. In her youth she was well known in the hunting field and is remembered in her advanced years as a tall person with a good figure, bright quick manners and the air of Society. [JB notes -- This Mr. Sprigg would possibly be the solicitor of the family. If his descendants could be traced (or the successors to his business) no doubt there would be old family papers which would throw much light. I have a tablespoon and silver teapot of hers. JB's grandson, Walter Richard Pownall, recorded a story about Lucy. This may well be another one preserved by Uncle Joe. It runs -- on one occasion she knocked aside a pistol from Earl Ferrers' hand which he was presenting at his gamekeeper with the intention of taking his life. This would seem to imply that she had some of the courage and coolness of her father. In gratitude for that act the errers family granted her an annuity of 100 a year, which was continued through her first marriage, but ceased upon her marrying her second husband who was a wealthy man. She was a very commanding person with a very strong will. This could only been the mad Earl, but as he was executed in 1760 it follows that Lucy must have been a very brave child. Ed.]

1751 - 1830
    Elizabeth (born 25 April, 1755) married at the age of 21 William Kempson, December 26, 1776, and he died in India. After his death Mr. Denby became her second husband, there were no children by the second marriage. [JB noted that a grand-daughter, Charlotte Kempson, who died unmarried in 1898 possessed a portrait of her grandmother Elizabeth -- possibly painted by Elizabeth's brother Thomas. See note on page 81. Ed.] She died in 1829.

    Mary (born 30 June, 1757) the next sister, married [in 1792. Ed.] John Kempson the brother of Elizabeth's husband. He died after a life of strange vicissitudes. He is said to have made and lost two fortunes, and to have retained the third. Being engaged in mercantile pursuits he suffered severely from the capture of the cargoes by French privateers in the great war of the French Revolution. He finally purchased Birchyfields, a good estate near Bromyard in Herefordshire and retired there. [See Appendix 1, where their grand-daughter Mary Morton is recorded as having provided a valuable manuscript comment on early family history. Ed.] She died in 1840.

    Jane the fourth sister (born 28 June, 1765) after her Mother's early death, together with one or more of her sisters lived at Derby probably with her Aunt [Leaper] Smith where she became acquainted with Sir Thomas Parkyns, Baronet, of Bunny Hall near Nottingham, whom she married [in 1796. Ed.]. At his death he left to her the bulk of his non-entailed property, comprising with others considerable estates at Ruddington and Sutton Bonington. She had one son, Thomas Boultbee Parkyns, who married in 1819 [Charlotte Mary Smith, who died in 1838. Ed.] and died in 1833 leaving two sons.The elder, Thomas George Augustus, born 1820, succeeded to the Baronetcy in 1850 on the death of his cousin Lord Rancliffe descended from a son of Sir Thomas Parkyns by a previous marriage. The younger, Mansfield Isham Parkyns, born 1824, was distinguished as a traveller in Abyssinia. Jane, Lady Parkyns, closed a long and useful life in 1840. She was closely and ardently connected with the leaders of the Evangelical movement in the Church of England during the first quarter of this century, and made over the advowson of Ruddington to the Simeon Trust.

1755 - 1829

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Jane Boultbee,
Lady Parkyns
(1765 - 1840)

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    Frances the fifth daughter (born 22 October, 1767) married Mr. [John Fry] Stanford of Bulwell, Nottinghamshire [in 1797 at Sutton Bonington. Ed.]. Upon his death she married in 1819 Dr. Davidson, a distinguished philanthropic physician in Nottingham. She died in 1845 leaving no children.     Sarah [Ann] the youngest daughter (born 16th October, 1769) died unmarried in 1788, and was buried at Osgathorpe. [See Chapter VI for a contemporary description of her. Ed.]

1767 - 1845

1769 - 1788

Chapter VII -- Section II -- The Sons Of Thomas and Jane Boultbee
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