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Chapter XIII -- The Children of Frederick Croxall Boultbee and Henrietta Eleanor Molson and Their Descendants


(1827 - 1904)
    Henry Townshend, born in 1827, was the surviving son of Joseph Moore Boultbee of Springfield Park, and LadyElizabeth Margaret Ferrers Townshend. He inherited Springfield from his father. He was educated at the Royal Military College, Woolwich, and for a period was a Captain in the Royal Artillery. He became a Justice of the Peace, Deputy Lord Lieutenant for Warwickshire and was made High Sheriff of that county in 1865. He had also been, like his father, an officer in the Warwickshire Militia.
     He married in 1856 Juliana Mary Caroline Goring, second daughter of Sir Willoughby Dixie, Baronet, of Bosworth Park, Leicestershire, and widow of Charles Goring, M.P. She died in 1885.
Their children were: - 

  1. Charles Archibald Townshend born in 1857. He joined the 20th Foot Regiment in 1877 and less than a year later was transferred to the 60th Foot (King's Royal Rifles). He served in the Boer War, South Africa, 1899 - 1900, being wounded in the Siege of Ladysmith and invalided home. He afterwards served in India where he had the reputation of a very dashing soldier and one of the most skilful pigstickers in India. Pig-hunting was a favourite leisure pursuit of Indian Army officers. He did not marry and died in 1939.
  2. Eleanor Cécile born in 1858 married in 1884 her first cousin Leonard Roberts West, son of her Aunt Elizabeth (née Boultbee).
  3. Henry Woolston born in 1861. He did not marry and died in 1913.
  4. Rosamond Julia born in 1863. She did not marry.
    Henry Townshend married secondly in 1887 Catherine Clara Paget (née Cradock) who had children by her first husband. Henry Townshend died in 1904, and after his death Springfield Park was sold. It had been in this line of the family since the time of his grandfather Joseph.
Their children were:- 
  1. Harold Townshend born in 1889. After completing three years on H.M.S. Worcester, the college for sailing training, he went to sea in 1906 apprenticed to George Milne and Co. for three years on the Inverurie, a four-masted barque engaged in the grain trade from Australia. (His indentures stated that he was to be paid £4 in the first year, and £6 in the two following years.) Between 1906 and 1909 his ship competed in at least two of the famous grain races from Australia to England. He then had special Board of Trade permission granting him Second Mate qualification in sea-going Foreign Trade ships. From 1910 to 1914 he served as 5th and then 4th Officer in Royal Mail and Packet Line ships engaged in the South American trade to Rio de Janeiro, and New York. In 1914, as naval reserve, he was commissioned in the Royal Indian Marine, in which he served until 1919, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. In 1917, at Mussoorie, India, he married Iris Vivian Moore born in 1889, daughter of W.D. Moore of Fremantle, Western Australia. They had first met in Fremantle, while Harold was serving in the Inverurie, and had met again in 1914 while he was on leave in England -- she had been touring Europe with her mother and sisters. In 1919 he was transferred back to the Naval Reserve, and he and Iris Vivian settled in Western Australia at Morning Valley Farm, Malya, 120 miles south-east of Perth.

  2.      In 1940, after applying for it, he was considered to be too old for active service and they sold Morning Valley Farm, moving to Woodside, a 3,000 acre farm near York, where he died in 1950. Iris Vivian died in 1970.
    Their children were:- 
    1. Barbara Joan born in 1918. In 1941 she married Wolf Fairbridge, and secondly, in 1944, Peter Seabrook.
    2. Richard Townshend born in 1921. He joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1940. After training in Australia he was posted to England and flew for a tour of operations with Bomber Command operating over Europe, stationed in Lincolnshire with 156 Squadron. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for outstanding service. On discharge after the War, he joined his father farming at Woodside. In 1967 he bought 'Prairie Lands' 20 miles east of York and farmed there until his retirement to York, his son taking over the farm. Richard Townshend married in 1945 Philippa Humphries. He died in 1988 and Philippa in 1986.

    3. Their children are:- 
      1. Prudence born in 1947, who married in 1968 Richard Gargett.
      2. Rosalie born in 1949, who married in 1969 Laurie Sutton.
      3. Harold Richard born in 1951, who married in 1974 Bronwyn Cullen.

      4. They have two daughters:- 
        1. Bianca born in 1976.
        2. Heidi born in 1978.
    4. Anthony Peter born in 1923. He also served in the Royal Australian Air Force, posted to England. He served in 207, 463, and 87 Pathfinder Squadrons of Bomber Command, 1940-1945, operating from Lincolnshire over Europe. He also was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. He remained in the R.A.A.F.. until 1952 when he retired to farm at 'Woodside' in partnership with his brother Richard until 1967, when the latter moved to his own farm and Anthony Peter continued to farm at Woodside until his death in 1998. He was President of the Graziers and Pastoralists Association, and a well-known judge of cattle at agricultural shows which took him all over mainland Australia, and Tasmania. He married in 1957 Sally Brooks.

    5. Their children are:- 
      1. Jane Fiona born in 1958, married in 1995 Joseph Declan Higgins.
      2. Andrew born in 1960, who married in 1990 Marjorie Guinness.
    6. Edward David born in 1924, died in 1995, who married in 1946 Gwenda Isabel Dorman.

    7. Their children are:- 
      1. Judith Leonie born in 1948, who married Rhys James.
      2. Christopher David born in 1949, who married Alison Poake.

      3. Their children are:- 
        1. Glen David born in 1976, who married Rochelle Friend in June 1999 they have a son
          1. Ryan Douglas born 2003
        2. Fiona Jane born in 1979, who married Ashley Felton in 2003.
      4. Peter Raymond born in 1951, who married Lois Peach.

      5. Their children are:- 
        1. Aron Daniel born in 1980.
        2. Jarrad Hamish born in 1981.
        3. Nancy Lee born in 1984.
  3. Gerald Edward was born in 1892. He went to train for the sea at H.M.S. Worcester with his brother Harold Townshend and joined the Royal Navy in 1904. He retired with the rank of Captain in 1946. He married in 1935 Barbara D. Kyrle Harris (née Money) who had children by her first husband. He died in 1953 and his wife in 1986.

Chapter XV -- The Children of Edward William Boultbee and Lucy McAlpine and Their Descendants
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