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Chapter XIV -- Henry Townshend Boultbee and His Children and Descendants



    Their children were:-
    [Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st),I (2nd),i (3rd) and A (4th). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]

  1. Edward William A. was born in 1885.  He married in 1906 and died in 1935.  His wife died in 1910.  All his children were born in Birkenhead.  His children were:-
    1. Mavis Bell born in 1908 and died in 1924.
    2. Twin Daughters:-
    3. Eva born in 1910, married in 1939 John F. Derry in Eton, Buckinghamshire.  She died in 1992 in Essex.
    4. Dorothy born in 1910, married in 1936 Ralph Byfield in Eton, Buckinghamshire.

  2. Malcolm Duncan born in 1887, was a Dairyman's Manager in Wallasey, Birkenhead area in Cheshire.  He married in 1915 Amelia Roberts who was born in 1893.  He died in 1960 and Amelia in 1949.  Their children are:-
    1.  Edward Malcolm born in 1921, married Olga, a Greek lady, who died in 1995.  In 1955, they emigrated to Scarborough, a city within Metro Toronto, Canada, where, by 1958, he was employed as a fitter at Link-Belt Ltd.  In 1961, he and Olga moved to Oakland, California, where they set up a dry-cleaning business.  He is now retired, and is living in Paradise, California.
    2. Eric born in 1923, married in 1950 Marjorie Goodwin who was born in 1927 and died in 1990.  Eric and Marjorie emigrated to Scarborough, Canada in 1956 and he was employed as a maintenance mechanic at Peak Frean Ltd.  He is now retired.  His children are:-
      1. Janice born in 1960, married in 1987 Gordon Brown born in 1960.  They have a son, Paul Eric born in 1990.
      2. Geoffrey born in 1962, married in 1987 Jo Anne Helen Crozier.  Their children are:-
        1. Amanda Marjorie born in 1990.
        2. Mitchel Stephan born in 1992.

    3. Dennis was born in 1930 and died in 1943.

  3. David Henry was born in 1890 and married in 1912 Annie Hanlon.  Their children were:-
    1. Audley born in 1919 and probably died young.
    2.  David N. born in 1921 married Lillian J. Maddocks.  Their children are:-
      1. David A. born in 1950, married in 1971 Victoria J. Jones.  They have a daughter:-
        1. Clare Jane born in 1972.

      2. James F. born in 1955, married in 1978 Annwen Roberts.
      3. Brian born in 1962.

    3. Derek born in 1924, married Muriel L. McGlasson.  Their children are:-
      1. Lesley born in 1951, married in 1973 Paul Bett.
      2. Twins-
      3. Elizabeth A. born in 1952, married in 1972 Roy Kevan.
      4. John D. born in 1952, married in 1974 Christine Sloan.  Their children are:-
        1. Kevin John born in 1977.
        2. Mark David born in 1979.
        3. Lyn Margaret born in 1981.

      5. Joyce M. born in 1953, married in 1977 Juan M. B. Reca.

      6. Twins-
      7. Barbara L. born in 1957, married in 1981 Roy Walker.
      8. Frank D. born in 1957, married in 1982 Suzanne Howard.  They have a daughter:-
        1. Heather born in 1984.

      9. Clifford R. born in 1960, married in 1984 Toni D. Scullion.

    4.  An infant daughter born in 1926.
    5.  Keith born in 1929, married Sylvia R. Lashley.  Their children are:-
      1. Alan K. born in 1954, married in 1990  ____ Smith.
      2. Twins -
      3. Debra born in 1958.
      4. Karen born in 1958, married in 1983 Stephen W. Jones.
      5. Colin W. born in 1962, married in 1992 ____ Campbell.

  4. Lucy born in 1891, married in 1911.
  5. Eva born in 1893, married in 1920 George R. Roberts.
  6. Florence born in 1895.

Editorial Note:
It will be recalled that John Boultbee, the painter twin, finally moved to Liverpool and died there.  All his descendants named in this particular chapter also were born, and most of them now living are still, in the area of Liverpool-Birkenhead.

Chapter XVI -- Charles Royston Boultbee and his Children and Descendants
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