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Chapter XVI -- Charles Royston Boultbee, his wife Edythe Cole, and Their Children and Descendants



    If not born in Findern, all the children were born in the Repton area, but in adult life they moved away from it. The children were:-
    [Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st),I (2nd) and i (3rd). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]

  1. Martha was born in 1845 and married a Mr. Stevens in 1864. He was in the shipping business at Hartlepool on the coast of Durham. She died in 1906.
  2. Thomas Godolphin was born in 1846 and married in 1870 Jessie Agnes Wright who was born in 1850 and died in 1932. They lived in Barton-on-Irwell, Lancashire, near Manchester. Their children were:- 
    1. Lily Louisa was born in 1871 and married George Smith in 1902. She died in 1951.
    2. Martha Mary was born in 1873 and died in 1875.
    3. Irving Godolphin was born in 1878 and married Edith ______ in 1902. They also lived at Barton-on-Irwell, and he was organist and choirmaster at Patricroft Church near Manchester from the age of 24 until his death in 1928. His and Edith's children were:- 
      1. Reginald Irving Godolphin was born in 1903 and died in 1906.
      2. Doris Edith was born in 1904 and married Joseph Massey in 1937.
      3. Hilda Florence was born in 1906. She did not marry and looked after her widowed mother.
      4. Jessie was born in 1907 and married Charles E. Frost in 1939.

    4. Frederick John Hollies was born in 1879 at Barton-on-Irwell and married his first wife in 1905. There were no children. He married secondly, in 1914, Amy Eveline Evanson, who died in 1967. He was an accountant, and died in 1955. They had one son:- 
      1. John Michael Godolphin born in 1922, was educated at Berkhamsted School. In 1950 he married Betty Ann Hurst (known as Ann). Joining the Royal Naval Patrol Service in the Second World War, he became a coxswain in Minor Personnel Landing Craft. Following the ill-fated Combined Operations Raid on Dieppe in 1942, he was granted an R.N.V.R. commission. Subsequently he was involved in landings on Sicily, the first stage of the Allied Liberation of Europe. For the D-Day landings in Normandy his flotilla operated home-based ambulance craft. His final appointment was as Welfare Officer to Royal Naval forces in Kiel, Germany, until his release in May 1946. He joined an estate agency practice in the London area, before he and Ann moved to Truro, Cornwall in 1961. There he built up a successful estate agency practice, while together they helped in local churches. Ultimately, after training at Oak Hill Theological College, Michael was ordained. Following curacies at Hawkwell, Essex (1968-71) and St. Keverne, Cornwall (1971-73) he became Vicar of Constantine, Cornwall (1973-79). Finally he was appointed first as Priest-in-Charge, and then Vicar, of St. Merryn, in North Cornwall, from which he retired in 1987.

      2.     Michael and Ann now live in Dawlish, Devon. Ann is an amateur artist whose work appears in local exhibitions. Her illustrations of Stordon Grange and Staunton Harold Chapel and Hall add much interest to the History of the Family. Since retirement from stipendiary ministry, Michael and Ann have served in several overseas chaplaincies, first in Bahrein in 1988, and more recently for the Intercontinental Church Society in Basle, Lyon, the Costa del Sol and Majorca.

    5. Jessie Amelia was born in 1882 and died in 1883.
    6. Elizabeth Gertrude was born in 1883 and married Henry J. Hoddinott in 1919.
    7. George Clement was born in 1886. He emigrated to Rochester, New York State, and is believed not to have married.
    8. Jessie Agnes was born in 1887 and married Monro R. Russell in 1916.
    9. Doris Vivienne was born in 1893 and died the same year.

  3. Elizabeth Harriet was born in 1848 and married George Rawden, an American, in 1870. They lived at Sodus, Wayne County, New York State, near Lake Ontario, and not far from Rochester, N.Y.
  4. Joseph Irving was born in 1851 and died in 1857.
  5. George was born in 1854 and married Elizabeth Foster ________ in 1878. They lived at Hartlepool, Durham. It seems very likely that he moved there as a young man perhaps found work in the shipping business by his sister Martha's husband. George died in 1885 and Elizabeth re-married in Hartlepool in 1889. Their children were:- 
    1. Herbert Irving was born in 1879 and died in 1884.
    2. George Robert was born in 1881 and died in 1891.
    3. Mary Frances was born in 1883 and married a Mr. Lawrence in 1903. She died in 1906.
    4. Lily Jane was born in 1885 and died in 1887.

Chapter XVIII -- The Children of John Boultbee and Frances Ward Their Descendants
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