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Chapter XV -- The Children of Edward William Boultbee and Lucy McAlpine and Their Descendants



    Charles Royston was born in Birkenhead, Cheshire, in 1861, and married Edythe Cole, also of Cheshire, in 1881. In October, 1885, he went to Auckland, New Zealand, hoping to find work, and leaving behind Edythe, pregnant, and the two eldest children. However, severe illness and no success in finding employment led to his return home in April, 1886. He left an interesting diary of his time in New Zealand, including spirited accounts of the voyages to and from it, when he often contributed songs to ship's concerts.
    The prospect of a book-keeping job in Winnipeg made him leave home for Canada in 1887. During the journey he fell in with a party of other young Englishmen who were on their way to set up homes and farms in the Qu'Appelle River Valley in what was then the North-West Territories (now Saskatchewan) and some 90 miles east of the city of Regina. Charles Royston set up his homestead which involved clearing the bush land with hand labour. To help with providing necessities he obtained a contract to deliver and collect mail between the settlement and Broadview, the nearest town. Edythe and the four eldest children joined him in 1889, after a journey by sea to Quebec, train to Broadview, and by ox-team to the farm. Edythe became midwife to the settlement, the nearest doctor being 30 miles away in Grenfell, west of Broadview. In 1897, to further his children's education Charles Royston sold the farm and moved to Broadview where he established another one, helped by his eldest son, and also started business interests including farm machinery. He was elected Mayor of Broadview in 1913. He died in 1942, Edythe predeceasing him in 1938. All their living descendants are in Canada and the United States. Their children were: -

    [Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st),I (2nd),i (3rd),A (4th), a (5th) and 1 (6th). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]
  1. Arnold Charles William born in 1883. In 1909 he married firstly Clara McKenzie of Winnipeg, Manitoba who died in 1955, and secondly Mabel Jones in 1957 who died in 1986. There were no children by either marriage. He died in 1973.
  2. Amy Nina Blanche born in 1884, died in 1983. She married in 1904 Bertram Oliver Criddle of Newcastle, England. Their children were:- Cyril, John Valentine, Charles Sidney Lawrence, Kenneth William, Eileen, and Winnifred (Mickey) Blanche.
  3. Edith Beryl born in 1885, died in 1974. She married in 1909 Harold Leonard Wright of England.
  4. Norah born in 1887, died in 1958. She married in 1906 William Alfred Sinclair of Bath, England.
  5. Frank Eric, known as Mug, born in 1894, died unmarried in 1918.
  6. Ernest Leonard, known as Scragg, born in 1896, died in 1982. He married in 1928 Alice McLeod, known as Cloudy, of Virden, Manitoba. Their children were:- 
    1. Frances Beryl born in 1929, died in 1987. She married in 1955 Clarence Belmonde.
    2. Frank Eric born in 1933, died in 1994. He married in 1956 Sydney Kelly. Their children are:- 
      1. Steven Eric born in 1957.
      2. Colin Leonard born in 1958.
      3. Michael Kelly born in 1960.
      4. Kelly Diane born in 1962.
      5. Patricia Ann born in 1966.

  7. Harold Vernon, known as Jerry, born in 1898, married in 1928 Hilda Mary Bate of Indian Head, Saskatchewan. He died in 1971 and his wife in 1983. Their children are:- 
    1. Vernon George born in 1929, married in 1952 Clarice La Verne Sandberg. He died in 1985. Their children are:- 
      1. Susan La Verne born in 1953, married in 1973 Phylip Charles Riopel.
      2. Michael Vernon born in 1957.
      3. Donald James born in 1958, married in 1980 Karen Dorothy Dixon. They have one daughter:- 
        1. Kimberley Amber born in 1986.

      4. Jeanne Arlene born in 1960, married in 1979 Robert D. Kanne.

    2. Charles Donald born in 1930, married in 1962 Grace Elsie Brown. Their children are:- 
      1. Gordon Harold born in 1965. He married in 1987, Katherine Ann ___. Their children are:- 
        1. Reid Gordon Charles born 1987.
        2. Joel Richard born 1991.
        3. Karyn Elan born 1993.

      2. Lenard Stacy known as Mike, born in 1967, married in 1988 Carrie Gislason. They were subsequently divorced. They have one daughter:- 
        1. Karlie Michelle born 1989.

    3. Glen William born in 1938, married in 1961 Patricia Joan Cathro. They have one daughter:- 
      1. Leanne Patricia Dawn born in 1964, married in 1986 Robert Grant West.

  8. Hylda Vera born in 1900, married in 1929 George Orrock of Treherne, Manitoba. She died in 1967.
  9. Alfred Wartnaby, known as Wattie, born in 1901, died in 1983. He married in 1925 Beatrice Violet Goudge. Their children are:- 
    1. Vera Beatrice born in 1926, married in 1956 Kaljo Mall, who died in 1995.
    2. Emma Rilla Marian born in 1931. Her son is: 
      1. John Kerry Boultbee born in 1966, married in 1994 at White Rock, B.C. Krisztina Noemi Demeter. They have one daughter:- 
        1. Andrea ZoŽ, born 1995.

    3. Rodger Wartnaby born in 1935, married in 1957 Dorothy Soloman. They are preparing a more detailed family history of the descendants of Charles Royston Boultbee and Edythe Cole. Rodger & Dorothy's children are:- 
      1. Christopher Grant born in 1967.

      2. Twins -
      3. Douglas Gerald born in 1968.
      4. Sherry Lea born in 1968.

  10. Eunice Muriel born and died in 1903.

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Chapter XVII -- The Children of John Robert Boultbee and Mary Irving Their Descendants
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