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Chapter XVIII -- The Children of John Boultbee and Frances Ward Their Descendants



    Their children's names are underlined in the following, and are numbered from 1 to 8:
    [Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st),I (2nd),i (3rd),A (4th), a (5th) and 1 (6th). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]
  1. William, born in 1817, became a Sergeant in the Derbyshire Militia.
  2. Charles, born in 1819, was a plumber and gas fitter. He married firstly in 1844 at St. Paul's Church, Nottingham, Ann Hough, who was born in 1823 and died in 1874. Their children were:- 
    1. Jane, born in 1845.
    2. William, born in 1848.
    3. Charles, born in 1852, married in 1875 Sarah A. ------- who died in 1924. Charles died in 1929 in Greenwich, London.
    Charles, the father, married secondly in 1875 Mary Ann Allsopp, née Duce, who was born in 1836 and died in 1907. Charles died in 1897.
  3. Thomas, born in 1821, was a silk thrower. He married in 1841 Mary Kirk, who was born in 1820 and died in 1876. Thomas died in 1890. Their children were:-
    1. Elizabeth, born in 1842, married in 1858 John Needham at St. Alkmund's Church, Derby. They had one daughter, Mary Ann, born in 1869, who married in 1893 as his second wife her cousin George Charles Boultbee. She died in 1908, and had formerly been a mill hand.
    2. George, born in 1843, died in 1844.
    3. Hannah, born in 1846.
    4. Thomas, born in 1849, married in 1868 Sarah Payne at St. Alkmund's Church, Derby, who was born in 1850. Thomas was a foundry fireman. Their children were:- 
      1. James, born and died in 1869.
      2. Edwin, born and died in 1870.
      3. John, born in 1872, died in 1875.
      4. Joseph, born in 1873, died in 1875.
      5. William, born and died in 1874.
      6. Charlotte, born in 1875, died in 1879.
    5. Mary Ann, born in 1852, married in 1874 William Edward Bland, born in 1848, a printing compositor. Like her sister Elizabeth she had also been a mill hand.
    6. Charlotte, born in 1855, died in 1856.
    7. Edwin, born in 1860, died in 1861.
  4. George, born in 1823, married in 1851 Sarah Ann Milward, who was born in 1830 and died in 1909. George was an engine driver on the railways and lived at Codnor Park (part of Alfreton Parish, Derbyshire, until 1850). Sarah Ann was a bonnet maker and daughter of John Milward, a farmer. George died in 1902. George and Sarah Ann's children were:- 
    1. John Thomas, born in 1853, died in 1854.
    2. George Charles, born in 1854, married firstly in 1886 Ann Sarah Davis, who was born in 1853 and died in 1892. Their children were:- 
      1. Henry Milward, born in 1887, died in 1908.
      2. Benjamin Davis, born in 1889, married in 1917 Edith Lily Parr, who was born in 1893 and died in 1952. He died in 1948. Their children were:- 
        1. Irene May, born in 1918, married ------ Buckholt.
        2. Florence E., born in 1919, married in 1946 ------- Taylor.
        3. George H., born and died in 1921.
        4. Bert, born in 1922, married in 1953 Dorothy Burton.
      3. Joseph Elliot, born in 1892, died in 1893.
      George Charles married secondly in 1893 Mary Ann Needham (see above) and died in 1920. Their ten children were:-
      1. Ruth Needham, born in 1893, married in 1915 Herbert Bishop.
      2. May Gwendolyn, born in 1895, married in 1919 George Good.
      3. Vivien Emma, born in 1896, married in 1918 Peter C. Peat.
      4. John Samuel, born in 1898, died in 1901.
      5. Albert William, born in 1899, married in 1922 Dora Coleman, and died in 1971.
      6. Joseph Edwin, born in 1900, married in 1924 Ellen Daykin, born in 1902. He was a coal face miner for much of his working life eventually becoming a Deputy, as such are known in the coal mining industry. Deputies are safety officers, their duties including responsibility for the safety aspect of shot-firing. He died in 1979. Their children are:- 
        1. Barbara, born in 1925, married in 1945 Roy R. F. Aldis. They have two daughters, June, born in 1946 and Jill, born in 1954.
        2. Malcolm, born in 1927, married in 1948 Enid Richardson, born 1928. They emigrated to the United States in 1960. He worked for Central Penn Air, an air freight company in Philadelphia from 1970 to 1981. For two years, he was with AEI Air Express, and for nine years was with Kerek Air Freight Trucking. He is now retired and lives in Davenport, Florida. Their children are:-
          1. Malcolm Lee, born 1953 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, emigrated with his parents in 1960. He married firstly Linda Lee. Their children are:-
            1. Jason Richard Lee, born 1974 in America.
            2. Joshua, born in 1976.
            Malcolm Lee married secondly Kim ------, and they are living in Port Deposit, Maryland. They have two daughters.
          2. Wendy Lynn, born in 1962 married firstly in 1978 Dean Kopp. They had two children, Jeremy Dean and Nicole. She married secondly in 1987 Todd Bomberger.
        3. Phillip Vaughan, known as Vaughan after his father's cousin, was born in 1934 in Bentley, Yorkshire. Vaughan married firstly Pamela M. Earl in 1954, and they emigrated to America in 1955. They were divorced in 1977. Vaughan also worked for Central Penn Air, an air freight company, and latterly for Logue and Associates, manufacturers' representatives. Vaughan and Pamela's children are:-
          1. Vanessa Gay, born in 1954 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, emigrated to America with her parents the following year. In 1974, she married Dennis Hackenberger who was born in 1953. They have two daughters, Alecia born in 1976, Amanda born in 1980, and one son Austin James born in 1986.
          2. Gary Vaughan, born in 1958 in the United States, married in 1987 Dana Fisher, who was born in 1964. They have two daughters, Brittany born in 1987, and Carly born in 1991.
          3. Vicky Jo, born in 1964.
          Phillip Vaughan married secondly Betty Hoover (née French) in 1979. He is now retired, and they live at Long Neck, Delaware.
      7. Dorothy Eugenie, born in 1902, married in 1924 William E. Thorpe they had two daughters. Dorothy Eugenie re-married.
      8. Emily Ann, born in 1904, married in 1925 Leslie Heathcote and died in 1977. They had four sons and four daughters. The second son, Dennis, born in 1932, married Sheila Hopson, born in 1936. It is to Dennis that we owe a huge debt for his many dedicated and continuing researches on our behalf.
      9. George, born in 1906, married in 1930 Florence Hardy and died in 1980.
      10. Griffin Milward, born in 1907, married in 1941 Doris N. Blount, who was born in 1904 and died in 1952. He married secondly in 1963 Charlotte Kerry.
    3. Griffin Milward, born in 1857, married in 1877 Mary Bower, who was born in 1856 and died in 1941. Griffin Milward died in 1902. He was a moulder in an iron foundry at Codnor Park. Their ten children were:-
      1. Charles, born in 1877, married in 1904 Margaret, who was born in 1879 and died in 1965. Charles died in 1951. They had one daughter,
        1. Lilian.
      2. Mabel Agnes, born in 1880, married in 1900 George Bugg.
      3. George, born in 1882, died in 1883.
      4. William, born in 1884, married Maud -------, who was born in 1886 and died in 1947.
      5. Howard, born in 1887, married in 1914 Mary Grimley, born in 1885. Howard's son Cyril has given us some interesting details of his father's life. Before the 1914-18 War Howard was the first motor mechanic to work, at Clay Cross, Derbyshire, for Sir George Kenning, founder of the nationwide GKN Group. In 1924 Howard was transferred to Chesterfield where Sir George had opened his first car showroom, and worked there for some years. Eventually he was with the Chesterfield Corporation for ten years in the same capacity until his retirement. He died in 1978. His and Mary's children are:-
        1. Elsie, born in 1914, married in 1935 Charles Sidney Maze Wilson who died in 1979. Elsie lives in Chesterfield.
        2. Cyril, born in 1920, married in 1943 Jean May Wisbey, born in 1925. Cyril was born at Clay Cross, Derbyshire, and after leaving school entered the electrical trade. In the early part of the 1939-45 War he worked for the Air Ministry. In 1944 he joined R.E.M.E. (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) eventually being posted to Germany with the British Army of Occupation. He was attached to the 16th Vehicle Company stationed at Oldenburg, Hanover. After demobilisation he returned to the electrical trade and in 1962 he and his family emigrated to Australia where he worked as an Electronic Technician with Philips Electrical Industries, Adelaide, until his retirement. Their son's tragic death in Scotland and their daughter's move to Scotland from Australia led to their parents' decision to return to England in 1993. They also now live in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Their children were:-
          1. John Maxwell, born in 1950, died in a sailing accident in Scotland in 1989. His strong wish to travel took him to most parts of the world using public transport where possible. At the time of his death he was working on a book linking evolution with science and religion, sadly unfinished.
          2. Janet Mary, born in 1953. Janet trained as a teacher in Adelaide, and spent 17 years with the South Australia Education Department. She then had leave of absence for two years, 1987-89, to work with the Australian Volunteers Abroad organisation in Tonga, Pacific, after which she returned to teaching in South Australia. At present she is a Director of the Phoenix Centre, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland.
      6. Frank, born in 1891, was killed in 1917 in the 1914-18 War.
      7. Wallace, born in 1894, died in 1895.
      8. Ellen Elizabeth, born in 1896, married in 1916 James Matkin.
      1. Annie
      1. Griffin
      were born and died in 1899.
    4. Charles, born and died in 1859.
    5. Mary Elizabeth, born in 1861, died in 1862.
    6. John Milward, an iron moulder, born in 1863, married in 1886 Clara Hunt, who was born in 1866 and died in 1943. John Milward died in 1929. Their children were:-
      1. George, born in 1886, married in 1908 Annie Florence Stone and died in 1943. He was Landlord of the Talbot Inn, Butterley Hill, Ripley, Derbyshire. Their children were:-
        1. George, born in 1909, married firstly in 1931 Eva May Noble who was born in 1910 and died in 1953. Their children were:-
          1. George Samuel N., born in 1932, married in 1957 Winifred E. Barker. They have one daughter, Jane Elizabeth, born in 1964.
          2. Roy Eric, born in 1936, married in 1961 Margaret Lilian Bestwick. Their children are:-
            1. David Roy, born in 1963.
            2. Julian K., born in 1964.
            3. Rachel Elizabeth, born in 1971.
          George (the grandfather, born in 1909) married secondly in 1957 Olive Margaret Flint, née Howard, who was born in 1914 and died in 1992. George died in 1988.
        2. Lily, born in 1911, married in 1933 Norman Wright.
        3. Fred Garnett, born in 1912, married in 1936 Grace Elizabeth Clarke, born in 1913. Fred Garnett died in 1988. He was a fettler in the foundry of The Butterley Co. Ltd. Unfortunately, he received a serious wound in his neck, and subsequently he changed occupations to become the Landlord of The Talbot Inn at Butterley Hill, Ripley, following in the footsteps of his father. Fred & Grace's children are:-
          1. Roger Garnett, born in 1939, married in 1963 Jean Ann Newton, born in 1941. Roger works with Rolls-Royce on aircraft engine development and experiment of the Trent Series of engines. He & Jean live at Ripley, Derbyshire. Their children are:-
            1. Jane Elizabeth, born in 1966, married in 1991 Colin Leslie Creer. They have a son Robert Leslie Creer, born 1994.
            2. Louise Marie, born in 1969, married in 1993 Matthew Booth Emery.
          2. John Frederick, born in 1943 married in 1965 Maureen Hutchinson, born in 1944. Their children are:-
            1. Mark Andrew, born in 1968.
            2. Richard John, born in 1975.
            3. Joanne Marie, born in 1979.
          3. Margaret Ann, born in 1943 (twin to John Frederick) married in 1963 Laurence Richard Oliver Travers.
          4. Jeffrey Stanley, born in 1948, married in 1971 Denise Ann Dixon. He married secondly in 1980 Judith A. Williams.
        4. Mabel Irene, born in 1916, married in 1937 Jesse Calladine Barrett who died in 1981.
        5. Betty Eva, born in 1929, married in 1949 Roy Duffield.
      2. John Ernest, born in 1890, married in 1917 Mabel Bull, who was born in 1888 and died in 1979. John Ernest died in 1954. Their children were:-
        1. Audrey Clara, born in 1918 married in 1950 Alan Whylde.
        2. Joseph Kenneth, born in 1921, married Edith and died in 1996.
      3. Garnett, born in 1895, died in 1901.
      4. Leslie, born in 1897, died in 1903.
      5. Leonard, an iron turner, born in 1900, married in 1942 Edith Alice Hunt, who was born in 1908 and died in 1980. Leonard died in 1965. They had one daughter:-
        1. Sandra Winifred, born in 1949, married in 1975 Ian Edwards, born in 1949. They have two sons, Timothy Ian, born in 1979, and Christopher Gareth, born in 1983. Ian has, over several years, provided us with much information, both for this Additional Chapter and, for the History, with particular reference to Joseph-of-Coleorton.
    7. William, born in 1865, married in 1890 Mary Whylde, who was born in 1868 and died in 1950. William was an iron moulder and died in 1937. Their children were:-
      1. Sarah Ann, born in 1890, died in 1919. She was a nurse.
      2. Wilfred Vaughan, born in 1892. He served in World War I, was severely wounded, losing both legs and arms, and was moved to a hospital in France. In 1919, his sister Sarah Ann went from London to France to take care of Vaughan. Unfortunately, he died in 1919, and she died in the same year. This story was known in the family for several decades, and the Canadian Editor heard it from two separate members on a visit to Derbyshire in 1976.
    8. Edwin, born in 1868, married in 1891 Mary Ellen Murden who was born in 1868 and died in 1947. Edwin died in 1950. He was a foundry foreman at the Stokes Foundry, Riddings, Derbyshire. Their children were:-
      1. Hilda, born in 1892, died in 1913.
      2. Thomas Harold, born in 1894, married in 1920 Hilda Thompson, who was born in 1896 and died in 1953. Thomas Harold died in 1959. They had one son:-
        1. Douglas, born in 1921, who married firstly in 1941 Iris M. Dore. Their children are:-
          1. Carole, born in 1943.
          2. Sandra, born in 1945.
          Douglas married secondly in 1947 Ivy W. Andrews. Their children are:-
          1. Tony A., born in 1948, married in 1968 Angela A. Prutton.
          2. John R., born in 1949.
          3. Christine A., born in 1953, married in 1975 Keith E. Bird.
          Douglas married thirdly in 1986 Vera V. Bartlett.
      3. Phoebe, born in 1896, married in 1921 Thomas Sheldon, and died in 1973. They had a son, Edwin.
      4. Elsie, born in 1899, married Ernest Condran and died in 1988. They had two children, Ernest and Vera.
      5. John Edwin, born in 1901, married in 1925 Ida Mildred Kitchen and died in 1978. John Edwin after serving an apprenticeship in the foundry industry later specialised as an engineer involved in coal mine shaft sinking in the Derbyshire and Nottingham coalfields, becoming District Overseer of this work. Their children are:-
        1. Audrey, born in 1926, married in 1944 Herbert Haslam, who died in 1982. They had three sons, Neil, born in 1944, Darryl, born in 1946 and Paul, born in 1953.
        2. Beryl, born in 1928, married in 1952 George E. H. Bye. They have two sons, Nigel Peter, born in 1955, and Stephen George, born in 1966.
        3. Hilda M., born in 1929, married in 1950 Geoffrey Scott. Their children are Gillian, born in 1960, and Philip, born in 1966.
        4. Colin, born in 1933, married in 1957 Margaret Barker, born in 1938. Their children are:-
          1. Christine, born in 1961, married in 1982 Keith Mead. They have two sons, Matthew, born in 1986, and Richard, born in 1990.
          2. Jane, born in 1963.
          3. John, born in 1965, married in 1994 Karen Hunter. They live in Chesterfield and have a daughter:
            1. Grace Cathrine, born in 1995.
            John works for a local firm, producing accessories for the horticultural industry, in a managerial position.
              Colin was an engineer with the National Coal Board for many years. He then joined a private firm supplying mechanical equipment for the N.C.B. where he became Trials Development Engineer in charge of assessing new products. After some years running his own private business he is now semi-retired and he and Margaret have a charming small guest-house in Chesterfield.
              Colin, on our behalf, made a special visit to Brailsford Church to check the list of Rectors. This enabled us in the History (see page 39) to correct TPB's mistaken statement about the Rectorial succession following the Reverend Thomas Boultbee. Colin has also given us much additional information about the descendants of Edwin Boultbee and Mary Ellen Murden.
        5. Kathleen, born in 1937, married in 1960 Brian Hipkiss. They have two daughters, Lynn, born in 1962, and Alison, born in 1970.
      6. George, born in 1903, married in 1926 Lily Barrowcliffe. Their children are:-
        1. Elizabeth - "Bessie" - born in 1926, married in 1944 William H. Burbeck.
        2. Irene, born in 1928, married in 1949 Otton Maciejcyek.
        3. Frederick G., born in 1937, married in 1958 Patricia Scholes. Their children are:-
          1. Mark, born in 1960, married in 1988 Susan Ward.
          2. David, born in 1973.
      7. Clifford, born in 1905, married in 1935 Mabel Edith Swann and died in 1960. Their children are:-
        1. Gloria M. M., born in 1936.
        2. David C., born in 1938, married in 1965 Margaret A. Richards.
        3. Richard, born in 1945.
      8. Alice, born in 1908, married in 1932 Victor L. Lewis who died in 1989. They had one son, Peter. Alice died in 1990.
      9. Annie, born in 1910, married in 1932 Thomas E. Birch. They had four children, Roger, Janet, Alma and Edwin. Annie died in 1980.
  5. Elizabeth, born in 1825, married in 1846 ------- Hobrock. They had one daughter, Mary Ann, born in 1847.
  6. Edwin, born in 1826, married around 1869 Susan Annette Temple who was born in 1847 in Bangor, Penobscot, ME, USA and died there in 1901. Edwin also died in Bangor in 1917. They had a son:-
    1. Charles Albert born in 1874.
  7. James, born in 1830, married firstly in 1861 Millicent, who was born in 1834 and died in 1869. Their children were:-
    1. Rosa, born in 1860, married in 1882. There is a mystery about Rosa which so far we have not been able to solve. We are not sure whether she was a step-daughter, or was born before James' marriage to Millicent. She was actually born at Stoke Damerel, Devon - that is certain - which was where James' parents were married.
    2. Thomas, born in 1862, married in 1897 and died in 1924. He was a boiler-maker. His children were:-
      1. Thomas Edward, born in 1901, married in 1942 Edith A. Collick. They had one daughter Carol A., born in 1943, who married in 1966 Brian K. Roberts.
      2. Horace, born in 1904.
    3. George, born in 1866, married and had one son,
      1. George.
      George, the father, under the 1881 Census was a tinman's apprentice. He died in 1942.
    4. James, born in 1869, was an iron turner. He married in 1889 Eliza, who was born in 1868 and died in 1900. James died in 1927. Their children were:-
      1. James, born in 1890, married in 1914 Clara Parkes and died in 1947. Clara re-married. James and Clara's children were:-
        1. James Ian Parkes, born in 1917, married in 1945 Nancy Rees. They both died in 1991.
        2. Constance, born in 1918, married in 1942 Anthony W. Roome, who died in 1986. They had two daughters, Jacqueline and Ann.
      2. Francis William, born in 1893, married firstly in 1917 Harriet Aston, who was born in 1895 and died in 1918. They had one daughter
        1. Margery, who was born in 1918 and married in 1947 William T. Limbert.
        Francis William married secondly in 1922 Mary Alice Turner, who died in 1960. Francis William died in 1934. Their children are:-
        1. Ernest Frederick, born in 1924, married in 1948 Joyce Mart. Joyce died in Spain in 1984. They had one son,
          1. Eric F., born in 1952, who married in 1976 Anne S. Wardle. As with many of the family Eric worked in the foundry industry (for 30 years); as a metallurgist at Ley's Malleable Castings and International Combustion Ltd, both in Derby. He changed career in 1990 and now works for the DTI in Nottingham. They have two sons:-
            1. Graham Andrew born 1984
            2. Ian Mark born 1986
        2. Kathleen M., born in 1928, married in 1948 Douglas Carr. They one daughter, Marilyn, who married and lives in Duffield Derbyshire. Kathleen died in 1999.
      3. Millicent, born in 1895, married in 1919 Harold P. Summers.
      4. Ernest, born in 1899, died in 1913.
        James (born in 1830) married secondly Elizabeth -------, who was born in 1835 and died in 1903. James died in 1919. The descendants of this James, who are listed above, were a branch of the Family which we originally believed to be separate, one of the four branches mentioned in the History on page 208. However, as we have said in the Newsletter, we found that, in fact, it was part of one of the other branches, that which descended from William, youngest son of Joseph of Brailsford, and so from William's son Thomas who married Elizabeth Wair. The finding of the crucial link came about quite fortuitously during research connected with the 1881 Census returns. James was there recorded as living in Derby with his aged widowed mother Elizabeth (née Wair) her birthplace given as Tavistock, Devon (English Census returns state birthplaces), the household also listing James' second wife, Elizabeth, and all his children by his first wife Millicent. James' occupation was given as elastic weaver.
  8. Jane, born in 1833, died in 1838.

Appendix 1 -- "Some Thoughts on the Origin Of the Family" by Walter Richard Pownall Boultbee
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