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Chapter XI -- The Children of Dr. Henry Boultbee and Mary Ann Ballans Their Descendants


Editorial note:

The first Edwin and Mary Allen's children, who were educated at home by tutors, according to Henry Travis Boultbee, were:-
  1. Mary Allen born in 1827. She did not marry and died in 1846.
  2. Joseph Francis born in 1828. In 1876 he married Jane Adams who was born in 1830. They had no children. After his father's death in 1868 Joseph Francis continued farming at Rock House for many years. We may surmise that he had been his father's righthand man on the farm. He died at Devonport in 1910.
  3. Edwin born in 1830. In 1858 he married Frances (Fanny) Watchorn, also born in 1830. He bought a farm, Rosemont, in the Avoca area not far from the family farm but this was not successful and led to severe financial difficulties in 1861. He afterwards moved to Hobart and died in 1897. Fanny died in 1919.
    For their children click here.
  4. Sarah born in 1832, married Captain James Taylor, a shipmaster. She died in 1921.
  5. George Parkyns born in 1835, married in 1858 at Swansea, Madeleine Margaret Offor. In his early twenties he managed a farm near Swansea, and lived there until 1868 when he and his family moved to Table Cape in the Burnie area. There, it is believed, he managed a 350-acre farm belonging to Robert Wigmore, probably until his rather early death in 1877.
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  6. Ellen born in 1836, married S. Adams.
  7. Martha who died in infancy.
(1828 - 1910)
(1835 - 1877)

Part One - The Children and Descendants of the Second Edwin and Fanny Watchorn
[Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st),I (2nd),i (3rd),A (4th) and a (5th). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]
Their children were:-
  1. Florence Emily born in 1860. She was a nurse and did not marry. She died in 1936.
  2. William Edwin born in Hobart in 1861. As a young man he went to live with his Uncle Joseph Francis at Rock House, but he decided not to farm but to become an engineer. He married in 1891, at Launceston, Jane Evans. There were no children. He died at Hobart in 1937.
  3. Emily Frances born in 1863. She became a governess, did not marry and died in 1913.
  4. Elizabeth Fanny born in 1868. She did not marry and died in 1932.
  5. George Frederick born in 1870. He entered the law firm of Perkins and Dear. After graduating in law he went to Perth, Western Australia, and for many years was a partner in the law firm Boultbee and Godfrey. He married in 1905, in Adelaide, Ethelwynne Gordon Scott. They had no children of their own but adopted a daughter who was named Eleanor. George Frederick retired in 1934 and moved to Adelaide.
  6. Joseph Francis born in 1872. He married in 1901, in Hobart, Augusta Clementina Frances Perkins, daughter of William Watchorn Perkins, Attorney General for Tasmania. Joseph Francis was an accountant with Henry Jones Ltd., jam makers of Hobart. In 1904 he was transferred to Sydney to start their first factory there, and others in New Zealand and South Africa, returning to Sydney in 1929 - the firm eventually became IXL jam makers and fruit canners. He died in 1948 and his wife in 1958.
    Their children were:-
    1. Phyllis Edith born in 1903. She married in 1935 Bruce Aitken. She died in 1967. They had a daughter Alison.
    2. William David born in 1906, in Sydney and educated at Sydney Church of England Grammar School Sydney Church of England Grammar School. He married in 1938 Eve Ball. There were no children. William David had a successful engineering business. He died in 1965.
    3. Jean Rosamond born in 1908 in Sydney. She married in 1967 John Edward White who died in 1984. She died in 1989.
    4. James Alan born in 1912 in Sydney. He was educated at Sydney Church of England Grammar School. He was with the Orient Steamship Co. (the earlier name for the P. & O. Line) until 1937, in which year he married Helen Laurine Youl, born in 1912. He was in business on his own account until 1939 when he enlisted in the 2nd A.I.F. His war service in the army took him to Palestine, North Africa, Syria, and North Africa again with the 8th Army, returning to Australia and serving in New Guinea until 1944 when he was demobilised with the rank of Captain. He was mentioned in despatches. From 1944 to 1964 he and Helen Laurine lived at Orange, N.S.W., where he was involved in several businesses and was also the Manager of the Orange Golf Club for some years. From 1964 to 1967 he farmed at West Wyalong, N.S.W., and the family then moved to Sydney. He invented and marketed car safety seats for children for which he received the Medal of the Order of Australia. He and Helen Laurine retired in 1981 to Mona Vale near Sydney. In 1992 they moved to Albury, N.S.W. to be near their daughter. He died in January, 1993.
      Their children are:-
      1. Richard, born in 1945, adopted.
      2. Suzanne Louise born in 1949, adopted.
      3. John Francis was born in 1950 at Orange, N.S.W. and educated like his father and uncle at Sydney Church of England Grammar School, where he became House Captain. He studied at Sydney University where he took a B.A. Arts degree, and L.L.B. degree in law, and also at London University with a Master of Law degree in 1976, returning to Sydney to practise as a barrister. In parallel with his legal career John has had an interest in rowing since his schooldays. In 1982 he was appointed Secretary of the Australian Rowing Council. He had managed the Australian Olympic Teams for several years. For services to rowing he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. In 1989 he was appointed Secretary General of the International Rowing Federation (FISA) based in Switzerland. He is now the director of the much vaunted Australian Institute of Sport.
  7. Arthur Bernard born in Hobart in 1876. He was a Public Accountant, and Fellow of the Australian Council of Accountants, with his own practice in Brisbane where he had settled in 1911 after four years in Melbourne. He married in 1903 Kathleen Beatrice Walker, born in 1877, sister of Theodore Walker, Deputy Auditor General, and Acting Auditor General for Tasmania. Arthur Bernard died in 1964.

  8. Their children were:-
    1. Kenneth Walker born in 1905 at Hobart. He was educated at Clayfield College, later the Brisbane Boys College. He was self-employed as a Transport Agent with the Queensland State Health Department until his retirement in 1976 aged 70, after more than 40 years service. He died in 1981. In 1948 he married Isabella Jean Bray and they had one daughter:-
      1. Janet Louise Walker born in 1951. She married in 1974 Anthony Krimmer.
        Their children are:-
        1. Louise born in 1984.
        2. Lucy born in 1990.
    2. Douglas Walker born in 1914 in Brisbane. He was educated at Brisbane Grammar School. He served in World War II as a Sergeant in the 2nd/10th Royal Artillery before the fall of Singapore, and was a prisonerof-war in Burma. He married Alice Edna Soppand secondly Dorothea Isobel Hollis. There were no children of either marriage. He died in 1977.
    3. Brenda Walker born in 1917. She married in 1940 Roger Valier-Berther.

Part Two - The children and descendants of George Parkyns Boultbee and Madeleine Margaret Offor.
[Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st), I (2nd), i (3rd), A (4th) and a (5th). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]
Their children were:-
  1. Emma Eugenie born in 1859, who married in 1881 George Nicholls. She died in 1958.
  2. Herbert born in 1861 at Brook Lodge, Swansea. He gained farming experience in Tasmania and Victoria. In about 1886 he bought his own farm near Overton Farm, Lilydale, North Tasmania, which he named Overton and there all his children were born. The house no longer exists and the site is now a rough field. It had a beautiful view, across a valley, of Mount Arthur. Herbert taught Sunday School at Lilydale for over 40 years and took an active part in the life of the local community. In 1887 he married Eliza Harrison at Wynyard, Tasmania. She was born in 1862. Herbert died in 1933 and Eliza in 1949.
    Between the parents: MABEL JESSIE; Standing on the right: LEONARD FRANCIS

    Their children are:-
    1. Mabel Jessie born in 1888. She married in 1927 Ernest Richard Eyles, and died in 1975.
    2. Leonard Francis born in 1890. In 1914 he enlisted in the 1st A.I.F. and served in France for the duration of the War. Returning home he farmed first at Preolenna near Wynyard and then Murrawah in the far north-west before settling to farm at Thirlstane near Latrobe, east of the River Tamar. In 1922 he married Gertrude Maud Dowling, a school teacher at Preolenna. Moving from Thirlstane in 1940, Leonard Francis worked on factory construction near Devonport, moving to the latter city in 1953. He died in 1958 and Gertrude Maud in 1962.
      Their children were:-
      1. Mavis Edna born in 1923, married in 1945 Alvin Cecil Brown who died in 1994. They have three daughters: Margaret, Lynette, and Jennifer.
      2. Winsome Muriel born in 1924, married in 1951 Edward James Jopson, born in 1925. She died in 1985.
      3. Maxwell Leonard born in 1925, is a building contractor and has designed and built many houses in the Launceston area. In 1951 he married June Carolyn Barwick.
        Their children are:-
        1. Karen Anne born in 1952, married in 1990, Gary Wone. They live in America.
        2. Leslie Petrie born in 1954, lives with her father Max.
        3. Wendy June born in 1955, married in 1984 Vivian Henry Woodward. They live in Launceston in an interesting modern house designed by her father.
        4. Daryl Leonard born in 1958, died in 1994.
        5. Janette Marie born in 1963, married in 1988 David Geoffrey Sloan. They live in Canberra.
      4. Clifford Herbert born in 1926 and died in 1931.
      5. Jean Norma born in 1928, married in 1952 Stanley Law, born in 1922.
      6. Phyllis Esmé born in 1929, married in 1951 Alan Henry Ling, born in 1928.
      7. Reginald Herbert born in 1932, is retired and lives in Brisbane.
      8. Lola Evelyn born in 1934, married in 1953 Colin Frederick Butteriss who died in 1988. She lives in Geelong, Victoria.
      9. Graeme Winston born in 1935. He is an electrical contractor with a business in Devonport. He married in 1962 Elaine Elizabeth Hooke, born in 1939 in Sydney, New South Wales.
        Their children are:-
        1. Elizabeth Anne born in 1963, married in 1983 Graeme Milton Shephard. They were divorced in 1993 and Elizabeth has reverted to her maiden surname. She is an accountant by profession and now has an administrative position in Health Care Management with University College Hospital National Service Trust, London, England.
        2. Deborah Louise born in 1965, married in 1988 Andrew Charles Willis, born in 1964. They live in Toowoomba, Queensland and have a son Joshua and a daughter Rachel Elizabeth.
        3. Priscilla Rose born in 1968, married in 1988 Kelvin John Hamilton, born in 1961. They live in Casino, New South Wales and have two daughters, Breanna, born in 1991, and Chloe, born in 1994.
      10. Peter Neville born in 1938, married in 1962 Ronda Jean Oliver.
        They have one son:-
        1. Leonard Peter born in 1964, married in 1995 Teresa --------.
      11. Terrence John born in 1943. He is a brickwork contractor also with a business in Devonport. He married in 1967 Wendy Lilian March, born in 1943.
        Their children are:-
        1. Miriam Joy born in 1969, married in 1993 Andrew Russell Monteith. They live in Brisbane, and have a son Daniel Russell, born in 1994.
        2. Richard John born in 1970, married in 1992 Carol Jane Wyllie. They live in Devonport, and have a son:-
          1. Alex John born in 1994.
        3. Judith Anne born in 1975.
        4. Louise Frances born in 1977.
    3. Olive Bertha born in 1895, married in 1921 Claude Vincent Conlan. She died in 1984.
    4. Winifred Linda born in 1897, married in 1934 Robert Griffin. She married secondly in 1950 Walter Blackwell. She died in 1988.
    5. Nelson Herbert born in 1898. After the family left the Lilydale farm he worked on the mainland on irrigation channels at Leeton and water conservation at Hume Weir. During World War II he was in Home Defence on King Island in the Bass Strait, and the Great Lake in Central Tasmania. After the war he worked at a sawmill at Glengarry northwest of Launceston and then had a marketgardening business on his own property on the River Tamar near Exeter. Nelson is keenly interested in family history and has been a faithful chronicler of the Tasmanian line, passing on much valuable information to the English side of the family, over the years.
    6. Keitha Hazel born in 1899, married in 1924 William Charles Mathewson. He was born in 1898 and died in 1953. She married secondly in 1956, Harold George Dornauf. She died in 1991 and her second husband in 1986.
  3. Lina Jane born in 1863. She did not marry and died in 1952
  4. Grace Emily born in 1865. She married in 1888 Henry Johnstone Fist, born in 1865. She died in 1956.
  5. Martha Jeanette born in 1867, married in 1891 William Anthony Huxtable. She died in 1950.
  6. Frances May born in 1869, married Arthur J. Harrison. She died in 1958.
  7. Evelyn born in 1870. She did not marry and died in 1952.
  8. Marcus Allen born in 1872. He had a farm at Ringarooma, North Tasmania. He did not marry and died in 1940.
  9. Clara born in 1874. She did not marry and died in 1940.
Emma Eugenia Herbert Lina Jane
Grace Emily Martha Janette Frances May
Evelyn Marcus Clara

Chapter XIII -- The Children of Frederick Croxall Boultbee and Henrietta Eleanor Molson and Their Descendants
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