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Chapter X -- William Boultbee, his Wife Frances Ann Appleyard and Their Children and Descendants


Their children were:-
[Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st), I (2nd), i (3rd), A (4th) and a (5th). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]
  1. Frank Ballans born in 1832. According to both JB and his son Henry Travis, Frank went to New South Wales, Australia, and died there. Research kindly undertaken on behalf of the Editors by the Reverend Bevin Fist of Victoria, Australia, and grandson of Grace Emily Boultbee of Tasmania, has failed to find any further information about Frank.
  2. Henrietta Augusta born in 1836. In 1858 she married William Stephen Coleman, born in 1829. He was a well known Victorian artist, illustrator and designer of plates and tiles for the Minton Art Pottery Co. She died in 1859.
  3. Arthur Hughes born in 1840. He was a commercial traveller in the cutlery trade based in Sheffield, the centre for that trade. He married in 1876 Alice Bell who died in 1884. He married secondly in 1887 Alice Ann Tasker. He died in 1925 and Alice Ann in 1921. His children by his first wife were:-
    1. Alice Brenda Mary born in 1877 and died in 1878.
    2. Beatrice Cora born in 1879. She married in 1923 her cousin Colonel Frank Washington Boultbee of Canada, for whom see Additional Chapter X. She died in 1945.
    3. Arthur Robert born and died in 1880.
    4. Henry Arthur born in 1881. He was the youngest ever to have obtained qualification in Extra 1st Class for Marine Engineering at Sheffield (before the establishment of the University there). During World War I he returned to the workshops at Sheffield. After the war he was with Glamorgan County Council as a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, and also lectured at the Treforest School of Mines, having moved to Wales in 1928. In World War II he worked with the Ministry of Production based in Cardiff and travelled extensively in Wales and the bordering counties coordinating supplies. He was an Associate Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (A.M.I.Mech.E.).
          He married in 1909 Grace Elizabeth Milner, born in 1883. He died in 1946 and Grace Elizabeth in 1967. Their children were:-
      1. Thomas Milner born in 1910. He trained for the Ministry at Lampeter Theological College, South Wales Lampeter Theological College, South Wales, and was ordained in 1935. He was Curate at St. Bartholomew, Salford, 1935-1938, and St. James and St. Luke, Hull 1938-1942. He was then Licensed Preacher in the Diocese of Winchester, 1942-1948, and in the Diocese of Manchester, 1943-1944. He then became Rector of St. George's, Manchester, 1949-1953, Vicar of Roughtown, Mossley, 1953-1959, and his last incumbency before retirement was as Vicar of Tintwistle, Derbyshire, 1959-1976. My abiding memory the Reverand was his specially converted Morris Traveller (it could have been an Austin) which had a built in tent, a very clever invention in the eyes of a young lad. RHB
            Thomas Milner owned a small baptismal font, made of Waterford glass, which he used for children who were to be baptised but were too ill to be brought to the church. He made arrangements that upon his death, the font was to be given to the Canadian Editor's church, St. Patrick's Anglican Church in Willowdale, Ontario. The font was delivered to the Church in March of 1986. It was his hope that the gift would symbolise the friendship that has existed within our families over the years.
            He married in 1941, Muriel Gittings, born in 1910. Thomas Milner died in 1985 and Muriel in 1992. Their children were:-
        1. Elizabeth born in 1942. She married in 1970 Alan Thorn who died in 1977. They had two sons, Alexander Charles born September 1971, and Alan Christopher born posthumously January 1978. At Christopher's baptism, the Portable Baptismal Font portable font was used. Elizabeth and her sister Clementine were murdered in 1996
        2. Clementine Anne born in 1944 and died in 1996. She worked during the 1960's at the BBC in London as a cook in their much joked about canteen and as I remember made excellent scrambled eggs once on a visit to my parents in Beckenham. RHB
        3. Muriel Mary born and died in 1946.
        4. Dorothy Louise born in 1948.
      2. John born in 1914, was articled in Cardiff and became a Chartered Accountant (F.C.A.). After three years working in London, he had two tours in Nigeria the first in the Treasury at Lagos and Ibadan and the second at Appa Dockyard. His return home in wartime at the end of his first tour was by a very circuitous route - Port of Spain (West Indies), Bermuda, Baltimore, New York, and from there on the Queen Mary to the Clyde, Scotland. After the war, he worked for UNRRA in London, though then living in Bognor, Sussex. He was then, 1948-1973, with the South Western Electricity Board at Bristol, as Assistant Chief Accountant, ultimately being in charge of all their accountancy. He and his wife lived in retirement at Nailsea near Bristol and moved to the Royal Masonic Home at Hindhead, Surrey in 1995. He married in 1944, Kathleen Iris Cast, born in 1914. John died in 1997 and Kathleen in 1999. Their children are:-
        1. Christopher John born in 1945. He has a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Wales, and is a Chartered Engineer and member of the Institute of Measurement and Control. From 1966 he worked for M.W. Kellogg Ltd until retirement in 2010. He worked as Chief Instrument Engineer, Engineering Manager and Project Manager / Director. He became widely travelled and his career took him to most European countries, Japan, India, USA, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and North and West Africa in connection with major oil and gas, chemical and fertiliser projects. Chris maintained an active sporting life and following his school and university careers (when he was awarded colours in hockey and cricket) played for Tulse Hill, Amersham and Eastcote Hockey Clubs and White Lions Cricket Club. In retirement he continues with skiing and golf at Sandy Lodge GC. He married firstly, in 1969, Frédérique Andréo, secondly in 1980, Janet Renshaw, and thirdly in 1991, Susan Long. Christopher and Susan have two daughters:-
          1. Jennifer Kathryn born in 1994.
          2. Sarah (Sally) Claire born in 1996.
        2. Roger Keith born in 1947. He has the degree of B.Sc. from Birmingham University, and worked as an Electrical Engineer with British Telecom, in charge of equipment, installation and maintenance for East and South Scotland, and lived at Aberdour, Fife. In 1975 he married Carol Latimer, born in 1945. In 1999 Roger moved to Tarporley, Cheshire. Their children are:-
          1. David Latimer born in 1978.
          2. Abigail Claire born in 1979. Abi graduated with a 1st in Art History at Leeds in 2001
        3. Andrew David born in 1949. He has a Ph. D. in Zoology from Nottingham University and M. Ed. from the University of Wales. He taught at a Kent County Council College, and on closure of that College, taught at K.C.C. Grammar School at Folkestone, Kent. He married in 1972, Sheila Sandra Hawkins, born in 1952. B.A., Nottingham University. Their children are:-
          1. Peter Robert born in 1979. Peter graduated with a 1st in Mechanical Engineering at Fitswilliam College, Cambridge in 2001
          2. Amy Clare born in 1981.
        4. Hilary Margaret born in 1954. She married in 1983 John Robert Barrett. They have a son, Daniel Lee born in 1985.
      3. George born in 1916. He was apprenticed in Mechanical Engineering with Brown, Lennox of Pontypridd, Wales. During World War II he was an Inspector in the Air Ministry, attached to the R.A.F. as a civilian. In 1952 he returned to Brown, Lennox as Chief Draughtsman. He later became a Chief Inspector with the National Coal Board. In 1974 he received a Royal Humane Society Life-saving Award for helping to rescue a 12-year old girl from drowning at Ogmore-by-Sea, Glamorgan, South Wales. He married in 1940 Gwyneth Lawrence, born in 1918. Their children are:-
        1. Ann Patricia born in 1944. She married in 1966 Paul A. Golding, born in 1942.
        2. Hugh Lawrence born in 1945 in Southport, Lancashire. He was a sales representative for a carpet manufacturer for many years, and subsequently had his own small building works business. He now works for the South Wales Police as a Warrants Officer. He married in 1970, Susan Mary Jackson, born in 1948.
      4. Elizabeth Dalton, known as Betty. born in 1923. She married in 1946, Kenneth Maurice Evans, D.F.C., B.Sc. an industrial chemist with Imperial Chemical Industries. He died in 1993. Their children are:-
        1. Paul Henry Maurice, born in 1951, B. Sc., M.I.E.E., Major in Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Married in 1986 Doctor Jane Williams.
        2. Rosemary Elizabeth Jane born in 1955, received her M.A. at St. Andrew's, Fife, and S.R.N. at Sheffield. She was in training at Sheffield Royal Infirmary (where Dr. Henry Boultbee practised in the 1840s) when it was closed in 1970. She married in 1979, Colin Douglas Matheson, M.A. (St. Andrew's, Fife) and they have two sons: Lewis Jamie born 1982, and Rory Douglas born 1984.

Chapter XII -- The Children of Edwin Boultbee and Mary Allen and Their Descendants
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