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Chapter IX -- The Children of James Boultbee, Marrianne Simmons and Mary Rucker Sankey and Their Descendants

William and Frances Ann Boultbee

    William, born in 1774, was the fourth son of Joseph Boultbee of Baxterley and Catherine Dabbs (see Chapter V). A few letters have survived, written in 1792, 1793 and 1794 by the parents to William, and the letters indicate that William was contemplating marriage to a Miss Walker, whose guardian was Thomas Ainslie, the Collector of Customs at Quebec City, Canada. Mr. Ainslie did not approve, and the marriage did not occur. William then courted Miss Frances Ann Appleyard the daughter of Robert Appleyard and his wife Frances of Holborn, part of London. William and Frances were married September 17, 1795 at St. Andrew's Church, Holborn, and resided at 43 Bishopsgate, London, for the first year of their marriage. By 1797 they were in Surrey, and by 1804 in Clay Hill, Beckenham, Kent. Their family consisted of four sons, Felix, Alfred, Horatio and Washington, and two daughters, Frances and Rosalind.
    William's father died in 1806 leaving him £35,000 as his share of a very large estate. It is assumed that William continued to work, although at what occupation in those years is not known. The Industrial Revolution was occurring, living costs were rising, and people were questioning the actions of politicians. By 1828, William was engaged in the Reform Movement of the Whig Party, not as an elected member, but rather as a working volunteer and organizer. He continued in this role until at least 1843, meeting and corresponding with other reformists. A few of these letters have survived of which the most interesting is one from Daniel O'Connell of Dublin, who in May 1839 wrote to William, in part:-

These Reform Principles principles I should like to see worked out:
1st. Moral force -- that of opinion, peaceable co-operation -- and none other.
2nd. Household suffrage, including all married lodgers -- and all journeymen having served a regular apprenticeship.
3rd. The Ballot.
4th. Triennial parliaments.
5th. Freedom of Conscience.
6th. Freedom of Commerce.
7th. Representation diminished in number -- and fixed to districts of equal population.
    Unfortunately, William did not see these principles enacted in his lifetime. Similar principles were presented to parliament in July 1839 and were defeated 237 to 48. Subsequently, a Reform meeting in Birmingham was attacked by the police, and some leaders of the movement were jailed. There is no record of William's involvement in this particular meeting.
    There is an interesting Reformist anecdote written by the Reverend James Boultbee (JB) in 1889 about William:
In reference to this William, I have a recollection of his calling at Salford Vicarage one day at about dinner time, I was but a bit of a boy [about 1839]. He was on horseback, and did not come in, but talked to my father at the front door. When he had gone I remember father said that he [William] was the only Radical that ever bore the name of Boultbee, and he came from Birmingham.
    William was the sales person for a Nail Works in Birmingham operated by a Clement Scholefield, and in an 1837 letter to his son in Canada, William mentioned that he was hoping to be transferred to the finances at the Works. By the 1830s, nails were being manufactured in quantity by machinery in urban centres, rather than one at a time in family shops in rural areas.
    Some time in 1847, William emigrated to Canada to be with his son Washington. William was 73 years of age, and it is assumed that his wife Frances had died previous to the trip. William died in Ancaster Township, Canada West in 1850 and was buried in St. John's Churchyard in Ancaster village. (Canada West from 1841 until 1867 was the name of present-day Ontario. Canada East was the present-day Québec, and the two areas together were known as Canada.)

Editorial Note:

    The descendants of William and Frances were the first Boultbees to emigrate to Canada, and it is interesting to consider what prompted such an undertaking. The parents were living comfortably in Birmingham, and had managed to provide an education for each of their six children. There was money in the family left from father Joseph's estate, yet there must have been some unrest to prompt five of the children to try their fortunes in America, four to Canada, and one, Horatio, to Mexico. The sixth child, Alfred, died in England at age 17.
    The family's move to Canada began in 1834, and our assumption is that the economy of Britain at that time played a part in their decision. In industry, many changes were occurring with the introduction of factories in urban centres, the invention of the steam engine, and the resulting swing in population from rural areas to cities. The Town of Birmingham became the manufacturing City of Birmingham. In politics, the Reform Bill was approved in 1832, and in a small way, it passed some control of Parliament from the hereditary aristocracy to the businessman. A few years earlier, the old Navigation Acts had been repealed. The old acts had prevented foreign ships from entering British harbours, and the repeal of the acts encouraged greater trade with other nations. It also brought to an end the monopoly of the Honourable East India Company in 1833, and therefore, the loss of employment for Felix Boultbee, the first English member of our family to emigrate to Canada. Felix had sailed on the Company's ships for 24 years.
    The economy of England may have had a minor effect on Felix to emigrate. The wealth of the nation was increasing steadily due to the use of new machinery in the factories, favourable trade with other nations, and masses of workers in the cities to produce the goods. However, the wealth was distributed to the middle and upper classes of the population, to the great expense of the lower class. The lower class in their misery were becoming violent in order to survive, and brutal crimes were becoming more common. Felix and Mary, who were middle class in education and income, but were aware of working men's miseries through William's Reform activities, may have wondered how their five children would fare in a society that was changing so dramatically.
    These are two assumptions as to why they chose to emigrate. The source for these thoughts, and William's involvement in the Reform Movement, is the book An Introduction to the Industrial and Social History of England by Edward P. Cheyney.

The children of William & Frances Ann were:-

  1. Felix, born 1796 in London, married in 1823 Mrs. Mary Nesbitt (née Samuel) in Clifford, Herefordshire, died 1838 in Ancaster Township, Upper Canada (now Ontario).
    For further details of his life click here.
    For details of his house "Thornvale" click here.
    For the descendants of Felix and Mary, click here.
  2. Frances Ann, born 1797 in Brixton Hill, Surrey, died 1849 in Ancaster Township, Canada West (now Ontario). She did not marry.
  3. Alfred, born 1799 in Brixton Hill, Surrey, died 1817.
  4. Horatio, born 1801 at Norwood, Surrey, died 1849 in Mexico. He did not marry.
    For further details of his life, click here.
  5. Rosalind, born 1804 at Clay Hill, Kent, married her cousin Richard Moore Boultbee of Barnwell, Rutland in 1848, died 1874 and is buried at Barnwell. She spent about five years in Canada before her marriage.
    For further details of her life, click here.
  6. Washington, born 1806 at Clay Hill, Kent, married Elizabeth Sophia Bourne at Port Stanley, Ontario in 1850, died 1875 at sea.
    For further details of his life, click here.
    For the descendants of Washington and Eliza, click here.
Section 1: The descendants of Felix and Mary Boultbee (mainly in Ontario)

The children of Felix and Mary Boultbee were:-

[Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st), I (2nd), i (3rd), A (4th), a (5th) and 1 (6th). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]
  1. Mary Anne, born August 3, 1826 at Broadmeadow, in the Parish of Clifford. Did not marry. Died July 11, 1859 at Newmarket, Canada West (now Ontario) and was buried in Eagle Street Cemetery, Newmarket. There is a stained glass window memorial to Mary Anne in St. George's Church, Georgetown, Ontario.
  2. Alfred, born March 5, 1828 at Bittern Cottage, near Southampton. Married Caroline Augusta Hamilton on June 17, 1857. Died December 29, 1901.
    For further details of his life, click here.
    1. Reginald, born 1858, married Margaret Gordo Tisdale in 1890, died August 23, 1913 and is buried in St. James' Cemetery, Toronto. Listed in Toronto directories for 1882 to 1902 as a barrister, and in 1889 with Boultbee & Boultbee (his father and himself). Listed in 1908 to 1910 as a barrister, self-employed.
      Reginald & Margaret had twin daughters:-
      1. Barbara Araminta Frances, born 1902, died 1989.
      2. Margaret Gwendoline Constance, born 1902, died 1995.
        Barbara and Margaret lived together all their lives. During 1942 and 1943, they lived in Toronto and worked as clerks and stenographers. Subsequently, they moved to Simcoe, Ontario to take care of their widowed mother.
    2. Frank, born 1861, married Sarah Kellogg in 1910, died 1917.
    3. Alfred Ernest, born 1864. Did not marry. An architect and artist. Died 1928.
      For further details on his life, click here.
    4. Horatio Clarence, born 1866. Did not marry. A barrister and a realtor.
      For further details on his life, click here.
    5. Constance Mary, born 1868. Did not marry. An artist. A painting by her of her brother Reginald has come down through the family to the Canadian Editor. Died 1897.
    6. Catherine Marie, born 1872. Died 1872.
  3. Francis ("Frank") Appleyard, born February 28, 1830. Did not marry. Died in 1854.
  4. William, born March 15, 1832 at Exeter, Devon. Married Marian Mulock on December 12, 1866 at Madras, India. Died November 5, 1902 in Toronto, Canada.
    For further details of his life, click here.

Family of Mrs Marian Boultbee
(photo about August 1878)
The children: Marian (Missie) Alfred Rosamond Horace Will Mulock (Thumby)

  1. Marian, born 1867, died 1871 in India.
  2. Alfred, born 1869 in India. Married Edith Hannaford in 1896. Died 1916.
    For biography click here.
    Alfred & Edith had five sons and one daughter, of whom four sons reached maturity. See photo below:-

The Sons Of Alfred & Edith Boultbee
Thomas Edward (Ned), William Turner (Bill), Norman Michael, John Henry (Jack), June 1927.

  1. Felix Hannaford, born 1898, died 1902. (for photo click here.)
  2. Norman Michael, born 1900. In 1917 and 1918, Michael was a clerk at the Standard Bank in Toronto. He was a ledger keeper at the Bank from 1919 to 1922. He married Grace Tamblyn in 1921. In 1923, he was a bookkeeper at Myers Lumber Company, Toronto, and then left Toronto until 1933, when he was a salesman at Giles, Rice & Peters, a General Motors car dealership in Toronto. During the difficult Depression years, he worked with various companies. From 1937 to 1940, he was with British American Oil Company as a service station operator. He died in 1945. Grace is alive and well at age 95
    Michael & Grace had two children:-
    1. Gordon Alfred, born 1922, married Elsie Lilian Finnamore in 1945. Gordon was employed by Northern Electric Company at Toronto for approximately seven years, and then moved to Bell Telephone at Brantford, Ontario responsible for maintenance at the main office. He retired from Bell in 1981.
      Gordon and Elsie have a son and a daughter:-
      1. Paul Gordon, born 1951, married Glynis Wilson in 1984. Both are employed at the College in Red Deer, Alberta, Paul as librarian, and Glynis as a teacher. Both are involved in theatrics, writing, and art. Paul has prepared and published two bibliographies, the first for the Bahamas, where he lived and taught in the 1970s, and the second for the Turks and Caicos Islands. He will be preparing a third bibliography, this one on the Cayman Islands. Paul is the librarian and keeper of duplicate records of the Boultbee family history for the 21st century. He may not undertake genealogical research, but as a professional librarian, he would make available to a family historian further duplicate copies of whatever documents of our family that he holds.
      2. Jane Elizabeth, born 1959, married Gerald Hooker in 1983. She is a library-technician, first at Richmond Hill, Ontario, Public Library, and now at the Cambridge, Ontario, Public Library.
    2. Constance Edith, born 1927. Connie was a teacher and librarian at Rawlinson Public School in the City of York in Metro Toronto. During the school year 1965/66, she was on an exchange teaching arrangement in England. In 1970, she moved to Arlington Senior Public School as librarian. She retired in 1981, and is living with her mother in Metro Toronto.
  3. William Turner, known as Bill, born 1903, married Mabel Campbell, of Lindsay, Ontario in 1925. From 1921 to 1924, he worked as a clerk at various Toronto branches of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. Bill and his brother Jack moved to Chicago in the mid-twenties and were able to secure positions in that city. Eventually, Bill was employed for 41 years at the Continental Bank and Trust Company. He became an officer of the Bank where he traded Federal Funds with other U.S. banks that needed large sums of money quickly. He was an active member in the Men's Garden Club of Villa Park, Illinois. Bill and Mabel had a summer cottage on Four Mile Lake near Lindsay, Ontario. Bill created fine wood furniture for his home and his cottage. He died in 1987 at Elmhurst, Illinois, and Mabel died in 1990 at Elmhurst.
    They had one daughter:-
    1. Dorothy Aileen, born 1926, married Lynden George Schaeferle. They had four sons, William born 1955, James born 1957, David born 1960 died in 1994, and Michael born 1962. She died a week after the birth of her fourth son.
  4. Constance Fanny, born 1905, died October 13, 1909.
  5. John Henry, known as Jack, was born in 1906. He was a Trust Officer at the Continental Bank & Trust Company in Chicago. He was employed at the Bank from shortly after the time of his arrival in Chicago in the mid-twenties until his death in 1939. He married Beatrice Woodhouse in 1927.
    Jack and Beatrice had two sons and one daughter:-
    1. Donald Edward, born 1928, married Nancy Elizabeth Meredith in 1952. He died 1992.
      For biography click here.
      Donald and Nancy had one daughter and two sons:-
      1. Nancy Jan, born 1954, married Dean Oatman in 1977 and they have two children -- Benjamin Ryan born 1980, and Amber Michele born 1982.
      2. Meredith Reid, born 1956, married Shari Harrison in 1976.
        They have two children:-
        1. Kristoffer Shawn, born 1977
        2. Lisa Marie, adopted, born 1977
      3. Calvin Wayne, born 1957, married Vicki Carson in 1979. They were divorced in 1993.
    2. Marian Elizabeth, born 1932, married Elmer Theodore Ernst in 1952. They have 2 sons and 1 daughter -- Richard born 1953, died 1972, Jeffrey born in 1955 married Ann Harding in 1984, and Caryn born in 1957 married George Bulovsky in 1989 and they have two sons Andrew Theodore born 1992 and Matthew Richard born 1994.
    3. Robert Henryborn in 1935, lived for 8 days.
  6. Thomas Edward, known as Ned, born 1910, married Helene Pattison in 1939. He died 1984. From 1935 to 1939, he was a salesman with J.R.Mooney & Co., Toronto, stock brokers. During the war years, he worked at Victory Aircraft in the Toronto area. In 1946, he began a career with Wm. McGill & Co., coal merchants, as their Assistant General Manager. He rose to General Manager in 1951, and President from 1954 to 1956. In 1958, he was Office Manager of Carnes Manufacturing, and from 1961 to 1965, he was Office Manager of Filter & Heating Supplies Company. His final position began in 1966 as Office Manager of Thornhill Golf & Country Club, north of Toronto.
    Ned & Helene had two daughters and one son:-
    1. Susan Edith, born 1941, married Bruce Wilkinson, she died 1990. They had three sons -- Mark born 1962, Glen born 1965, and Kevin born 1968.
    2. John Arthur, known as Jack, born 1943, was educated at the University of Toronto. In 1977, he was appointed a partner in the firm of Coopers & Lybrand, Chartered Accountants. Subsequently, he joined Hollinger Inc., an international media firm, as the Vice-President for Finance. He coauthored a book The Indexed Security Investment Plan Explained.
      He married (1) Eleanor Moore in 1968, and had one son and one daughter:-
      1. Paul Keith, born 1976.
      2. Leslie Elizabeth, born 1979.
      John Arthur married (2) Sharon Whitby, and had one son:-
      1. Michael, born 1987.
    3. Patricia Anne, born 1946, was a school teacher in Toronto in 1967 and 1968. She married (1) Gary Thornton November 11, 1966 who died February 3, 1985 at Georgetown, Ontario. They adopted two sons, Jay and Bradley. Patricia married (2) Richard William Jones in 1994.
  1. Ethel, born 1871, died 1871 in India.
  2. Marian, known as Missie, born 1872 at Koonar, India. Married Dr. Longfield-Smith in 1900 at Bridgetown, Barbados. They had two daughters, Joyce (1902 - 1908) and Rosamond, known as Robbie, (1904 - 1994). Marian died as the result of an accident in July 1905 at Fontanelle, Barbados. Rosamond studied art in the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1930. She had exhibited her paintings in Chicago, New York, and Berlin. In her 70s, she lived and exhibited her paintings in New York City, but the City was not kind to her. After being mugged, and burglarized, she was advised by her doctor to go home, and make her Will. She returned to her previous home in Babson Park, Florida, and spoke to her half-sister Eleanor Longfield-Smith, a writer and a poet, who was kind enough to offer her a spare room for as long as she chose. The offer was accepted, and Rosamond was able to continue with her artwork and exhibited annually at the nearby Library. A very pleasant experience occurred in 1985, when the grandson of a friend of the family discovered a painting in his grandmother's attic signed by Alfred Ernest Boultbee. Rosamond recognized the painting as one that had been in her parent's home when she was young, but had been sold after the death of her father. A colour photograph of the painting has been given by Rosamond to the Editors.
  3. Will Mulock, known as Thumby, born 1873 in India. Married Margaret Amy Douglas in 1899. Died 1912.
    For biography click here.
    Thumby and Amy had one daughter and five sons. For a photograph of Amy and the children, see below.

The Family Of Mrs Amy Bolutbee
Charles Douglas Boultbee Robert Keith Douglas Louie (Ripley) Douglas John Campbell Douglas
Vera (Daniels) Douglas
holding Katherine Grace Douglas
(child of JCD)
Charles Irvine Douglas
Paul Nicholas Berkshire Boultbee
Margaret Elizabeth (Holmested)Douglas Margaret Amy (Douglas) Boultbee
Nurse holding
Evelyn Douglas (child of JCD)
Elizabeth Marian Boultbee     Katherine (Kitty) Douglas (Hallowes) (child of RKD)
William Stair Boultbee Frank Cruikshank Boultbee Thomas Field Boultbee Archibald Douglas (child of RKD)

  1. Charles Douglas, born 1900, married Mary Carmen Killaly in 1943. He died in 1979. His elementary education was at The Wyck, Brighton, England until 1912. His subsequent education was at Ridley College, St. Catharines, Ontario, and at the Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario. When he was 21, he asked his Uncle Jack Douglas for a job at his Ranch in Argentina. The uncle taught him basic Spanish so that he could learn the tricks-of-the-trade. Charles could already ride a horse. Now, he was qualified to go out to farms and buy skins for his uncle's hide business. In 1929, he was a stock broker at Ussher Son & Company, Toronto, and 1932 to 1936 was a salesman at Eaton's Department Store in Toronto. Charles was an officer in the Royal Canadian Artillery in World War II. After the War and up to 1957, he was a real estate agent with R.B.Rice & Sons in Toronto. From 1963 to 1968, he worked with the Ontario Government. In 1955, he and Mary bought Cressy Manor in Prince Edward County, Ontario and operated it as a summer guest house until 1961. In 1976, Charles bought a house in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where he and Mary lived for two years.
        There is a lovely story of Charles as remembered by the Reverend Michael Boultbee and his wife Ann of Dawlish, England, when they were on a visit to Toronto in the mid 1960s: Charles owned a very beautiful old Armstrong Siddeley motor car that was his pride and joy, but Charles at age 60+, was no longer capable of driving with confidence on the Queen Elizabeth II Highway! I seldom remember being so scared in a car. Many of us in Ontario also have fond memories of Charles and his beautiful old Armstrong-Siddeley motor car.
    Charles & Mary had two daughters:-
    1. Charlotte Mary, born 1947, married William Michael Reilly in 1972.
    2. Virginia, born 1959.
  2. Elizabeth Marian, known as Betty, born 1902, married in 1925 John Robinson Robinson who was born in 1895 and died in 1960. Betty and John received, as a wedding gift from her mother, an acre of riverside property, on which they had erected a two-storey log home. It was an adaptation of early 19th century Georgian Revival style homes of southern Ontario. The home has been considered for a heritage designation by the City of North York, and a copy of the City's report has been received by the Editors. The home was sold in 1959, and the present owners have maintained it in excellent condition. Betty and John had six sons and one daughter: John (Jake) born 1925, Reverend Harry Shalto Douglas born 1927, Reverend Thomas Robinson born 1928, Will Boultbee born 1930, Philip Peter Melancthon born 1932, Elizabeth Gillian born 1937, and Stephen Anthony (Stony) born 1940.
  3. Thomas Field, born 1904, married Jean Westhaver in 1937 who died in 1969. He died 1972. For 25 years at Marathon, Ontario, Tom was a chemical plant technician, and foreman of his shift at the American Can Corporation, formerly known as Marathon Pulp & Paper Company. In 1967, Jean wrote a book for the local Centennial Committee: Pic, Pulp and People -- A History of the Marathon District.
    Tom & Jean had two sons and two daughters:-
    1. Gavin Westhaver, born 1939, married Mary Esther Lehman in 1969,
      and they have two daughters and one son:-
      1. Louise Janine, born 1972.
      2. Thomas Maximus Douglas, born 1973.
      3. Alexandra Blythe, born 1976.
    2. Mary Douglas, born 1943, married Martin Lopez-Rojas in 1971. They have a daughter Amy, and a son Martin, and live in Mexico.
    3. David Montgomery, known as Monty, born 1945, married Cheryl Rose Mitchell in 1968. Monty is Hospital Administrator at the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital in Picton, Ontario.
      Monty and Cheryl have one son and twin daughters:-
      1. Sean David, born 1970. Married in 1994 Kimberley Rose Futter they live in Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada and have two children:-
        1. Miranda Rose born 1996.
        2. David Dawson born 1998.
      2. April Dawn, born 1971, adopted.
      3. Melanie Jean, born 1971, adopted.
    4. Katharine Elizabeth Margaret, born 1951 adopted, secretary in Toronto for Clarkson & Gordon, chartered accountants. The firm merged with, and changed its name to Ernst & Young in the early '90s.
  4. William Stair, known as Bill, born 1906, received his senior education at the Royal Military College at Kingston, Ontario. Among his activities at the College was that of repeating the Grace in Latin when in the dining hall. In adult life, Bill's memory of the Latin Grace was firm, and when the family gathered for special dinners, he was requested to give the blessing. His son, Bill Jr., has given us the ancient text, but not the translation, and it is recorded below for the family:-

    Nos miseie homines et egeni
    Pro cibis quos nobis
    Ad corpus subsidium
    Benignes largius
    Tibi Deus omnipotens
    Prae ductoris
    Dis gratia reverendum
    Aquines per Jesum Christum
    Dominum nostrum

    Jean Boultbee of Elora, Ontario, has kindly supplied a broad translation, as follows:-

    To you, Almighty, and to us, abundantly generous God,
    We wretched and needy men
    Our leader before us,
    Give generous thanks for our food and bodily sustenance,
    Through holy Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

    Bill Sr. married Thelma Mary Milner in 1931, who died in 1990. From 1927 to 1938, he was an audit clerk and accountant at Riddell, Stead, Graham & Hutchinson, Chartered Accountants. In 1939, 1940 and 1941, he was an audit clerk in the City of Toronto Audit Department. In 1951, he began a long association as an auditor with the Toronto Sales Department of the Abitibi Power & Paper Company. In 1972, he and Thelma retired to live in Picton, Ontario. Thelma died June 12, 1990, and he died July 31, 1994.
    Bill and Thelma had one son and one daughter:-

    1. William Milner, also known as Bill, was born in 1932. He is a High School teacher at Picton Collegiate, Picton, Ontario. He married: (1) Margaret Diana Johnston in 1957. Diana died 1988.
      They had two sons and one daughter:-
      1. Andrew James, born 1958.
      2. John William, born 1962. He is a Physical Education, History, and Geography teacher at Moira Secondary School in Belleville, Ontario. He married Joanne Lott in 1989.
        Their children are:-
        1. Diana Janeborn 1991.
        2. Scott Williamborn 1993.
      3. Laurel Diana, born 1964, married (1) Stephen Michael Pearce, and (2) Dr. Gregory Price-Jones and their children are Alexander Gregory born in 1991, and Heather Victoria born in 1993.
      and William Milner married (2) Elizabeth Stauth in 1990.
    2. Margaret Camilla, born 1939, married Thomas P. McAuliffe in 1961. During 1960, 1961 and 1962, she was a nurse in training at St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto. Camilla & Tom have two sons, Michael Sanderson (Sandy) and Timothy Jay.
  5. Frank Cruikshank, born 1909. Frank attended Upper Canada College and the University of Toronto, where he received a degree in Forestry. He went to work for Spruce Falls Pulp and Paper as a Woods Boss in Kapuskasing, Ontario. There he met Christina Mae MacLaren, a graduate from MacDonald Hall in Guelph, now part of the University of Guelph, who was the dietitian at the Kap Inn. They married in 1938. Frank later became a mink rancher which was his occupation for almost 30 years. He died in 1987, and she in 1988.
    Frank and Christine had two sons and one daughter:-
    1. Frank Alexander, known as Alex, born 1939. Alex obtained a degree in Honours Economics from Bishops' University in Lennoxville, Quebec in 1961 and obtained his Masters in Business Administration from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 1964. In 1966 he married Valerie Ellis, a teacher of business and a graduate from the University of Western Ontario in London. Following a career in industry, Alex has been teaching business as a Professor at Seneca College. He also sells real estate in King Township, Ontario. He and Valerie and their family reside near Kettleby, Ontario at Wind in the Willows Farm where they have lived since 1970.
      They have one son and two daughters:-
      1. David Alexander Ellis, born 1968. David obtained a degree in Business and Economics from Bishops' University in Lennoxville, Quebec in 1991 and is currently studying for his accreditation as a Chartered Accountant.
      2. Margaret Amy Douglas, born 1970. Amy received her degree in Political Science from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1992.
      3. Sarah Elizabeth Ashley, born 1972. Ashley is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Guelph and will graduate with her D.V.M. in 1997.
    2. Elizabeth Christine, born 1942. Elizabeth was educated at Elmwood School for Girls in Ottawa and subsequently received her RN designation from the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. In 1968, she married Frank Quinlan. They are currently residing in Toronto.
      They have two daughters:-
      1. Stephanie Alexandra born in 1971. Stephanie attended Brescia College at the University of Western Ontario and received her degree in Honours English in 1994.
      2. Shelagh Christine born in 1975.
    3. Peter Stewart, born in 1946. After graduating from Trinity College School in Port Hope, Peter received his B.A. from Bishops' University in Lennoxville, Quebec in 1968. Subsequent to that, he obtained his Chartered Accountant's designation with the firm of Coopers & Lybrand. He later joined the Toronto accounting firm of Smith Nixon & Co. where he is a partner and one of the City's leading income tax experts.
  6. Paul Nicholas Berkshire, born 1911, died March 9, 1982 at Woodbury, Connecticut. Paul was an accountant first at Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Company from 1931 to 1935, and in 1936 at B.D. Beamish in Toronto. In 1940, he began a long career with the Dominion Rubber Company as Credit Manager, first in Toronto, but mainly in Montreal. He married: (1) Hesillia Mallock who is now deceased.
    Paul & Hesillia had two children:-
    1. Sheila Margaret, adopted, born 1948, married Eugene Aubé, and they have two children.
    2. David Raymond, adopted, born 1950, married Patricia Sheplawy in 1984,
      and they have one son:-
      1. Ethan, born 1990.
    and Paul married (2) Irene Maass who died a few years after Paul.
  1. Horace, born 1875 at Bangalore, India. Married Mary Anne (Nan) Greer in 1905 in Toronto. Died 1965 and is buried in St. James' Cemetery, Toronto.
    For further details on his life, click here.
    Horace & Nan had three sons and one daughter:-
    1. Richard, known as Dick, born 1906, educated at University of Toronto graduating in Forestry in 1929, and at the University of Waterloo graduating in Mathematics in 1988. He wrote, typed and bound privately a few copies of a book Rounded Numbers in 1989. He worked for the Ontario Department of Lands & Forests at Parry Sound, Powassan, Thunder Bay, and Fort Frances, Ontario. He also worked as an instructor for the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto from 1972 to 1974. He married (1) Muriel Stone in 1933, and (2) Jean McDermott in 1954.
    2. Marian Greer, born 1910, was educated at Bishop Strachan School in Toronto where she earned a scholarship upon her graduation in 1927. She attended the University of Toronto graduating in Commerce & Finance in 1931 and was the only woman in the class of 39 graduates. Marian died November 29, 1991. She married Frederick Gordon Fordyce Barr in 1944. Marian was privileged to name the oil tanker San Emiliano at Birkenhead, England, on November 27, 1958. Due to a fog that day, the actual launching had to be delayed until the next day. Gordon had a son, David Fordyce Barr by a previous marriage.
    3. Patrick Horace, born 1917, educated at the University of Toronto Schools (UTS). He worked in Advertising Agencies, primarily in the recommendation of media to clients. He represented the Canadian Association of Advertising Agencies on the board of directors of the Canadian Circulations Audit Board Inc. for 13 years. In 1985, he was presented by the Ontario Government's Department of Citizenship and Culture with a Volunteer Service Award for ten years volunteer work on behalf of the Ontario Genealogical Society. He married Eleanor Adelaide Thornton in 1942,
      and they have six daughters:-
      1. Pamela Marian, born in 1944, married James Francis Molloy in 1969. They have two daughters and three sons. Tamara Vicki born 1971, Kimara Lea born 1972, James (Jamie) David born 1977, Brendan Patrick born 1985, and Cheney Michael Sachary born 1987.
      2. Linda Diane, born 1947, married (1) Randall Harry Melville Fockler in 1968. They have one daughter Marina Nicol Natalie born 1964 and married Randy Milthorpe in 1988, and two sons, Todd Elliot Randall born 1971 and Jason Lee Scott born 1974. Married (2) Joseph Tedy Kupiec in 1982. Linda was educated at York University graduating in Administrative Studies in 1988. She is a Certified Management Accountant.
      3. Sylvia Ann, born 1952, was educated at University of Guelph, graduating with an Honours B.A. Psychology in 1975, and M.A. Psychology in 1977. She married Stephen Robert Best in 1973. They have one son Martin Derek born in 1975, and one daughter Melissa Louise born in 1979.
      4. Patricia Ruth, born 1955. She married Edward William Powell in 1978. They divorced in 1992. They have one daughter Jennifer Jeanne born in 1982. Patricia has reverted to her maiden surname.
      5. Jocelyn Greer, born 1958, married Dan William Lee in 1978. Jocelyn has formed a business known as GreerTech Business Consultants Inc. rendering financial and management services to firms in Metro Toronto area. Jocelyn and Dan have one son Christopher William Daniel born 1983.
      6. Heidi Eleanor, born 1962, married Sean Thomas Goodman in 1989. They have one son Ryan Michael born in 1991, and one daughter Heather Anne born in 1993.
    4. James Greer, born 1920, educated at the University of Toronto, graduating in Civil Engineering 1941, and in Forestry 1947. He married Rhoda Godfrey in 1949 who died in 1979. Some of the assignments on which Jim was Project Engineer are as follows:
      • A concrete gravity dam and power house for Ontario Hydro on the Mississagi River near Thessalon, Ontario.
      • An underground section of the Yonge Street subway in Toronto. This section includes the Wellesley Street station and the Bloor Street station.
      • A rock filled, clay core dam across the Nechako River in British Columbia. The dam is part of the water control system for the Kitimat project.
      • A concrete thin arch dam and an underground power house for Seattle City Light. They are on the Pend Oreille River in Washington State.
      • Excavation and concrete lining of a section of 25 feet diameter tunnel through the Tehachapi Mountains located north of Los Angeles. The tunnel is part of the State project to move water from northern to southern California.
      Jim retired in December 1986. He & Rhoda have one son and two daughters:-
      1. James Charles, born 1953, educated at the Community College at Aptos, California with an Electronic Associate Degree, 1993. Married (1) Eileen Marie Mulligan, and (2) Kathleen Anne Mullen. Divorced, no issue.
      2. Mary Anne, known as Nan, born 1955, educated at University of California, Santa Cruz, graduating in Mathematics in 1976, and at the University of California, Berkeley, Masters in Mathematics in 1981
      3. Donna Jean, born 1967, educated at Soquel High School in Santa Cruz, California. She married Richard Joseph Joslin Jr. in 1989. They have one daughter Jessica, and one son Kyle.
  2. Rosamond, born June 6, 1878 at Toronto. She did not marry. Died in 1957 at Eastbourne, England.
    For further details of her life, click here.
  3. Gerald, born 1880 in India. Died 1887 and is buried in St. James' Cemetery, Toronto.
  4. Norman Felix, born July 17, 1881 at Pothanore, India. Died March 2, 1882 at Madras.
  5. Beatrice, born 1882 in India. Died 1884 and is buried in St. James' Cemetery, Toronto.
  6. Gladys, born October 8, 1885 at Toronto. Married Charles Edward Morgan Hodge in 1909. Died in 1955 at Toronto.
  1. Arthur, born August 15, 1833 at Forsam, Devon. Married Maria Turner in 1864. Became an Anglican priest in 1871. He died in 1890.
    For further details of his life, click here.
    1. Mabel Mary Anne, born 1865, she died at age 14 on May 8, 1879 of diphtheria. There is a stained glass window memorial to Mabel in St. George's Church, Georgetown, Ontario. She is buried in St. George's Cemetery, and is also listed on the family marker in Grace Anglican Cemetery in Waterdown, Ontario.
    2. Effie Turner, born 1866, married Harmon A. Vedder in 1894, died 1935.
    3. Harold Field, born 1867, he did not marry. He was employed at one of the banks in Berlin, now Kitchener, Ontario. He turns up three times in Toronto, in 1925 and 1926 working in the Chief Accounts Department of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, and in 1929 as auditor for the Bank. He died September 29, 1935 and is buried in Grace Church Cemetery, Waterdown, Ontario.
    4. Ernest King, born 1870, taught school at Seaton Village School in 1889, on the east side of Bathurst Street north of Dupont Street, in Toronto. In July of the following year, he became a junior at the Imperial Bank of Canada at the branch in Welland, Ontario. By 1917, he was an Inspector for the Bank, travelling to the many branches across Canada. In 1924, he was Supervisor of the Bank, and in 1931, General Supervisor. He retired in 1937 as General Supervisor. He married Annie Mary Steuart, known as Meta, Hallam in 1903. He died on January 12, 1942, and she on January 14, 1959 and both are buried at Grace Church Cemetery, Waterdown, Ontario.
      He and Meta had one daughter and one son:-
      1. Margaret Eleanor, born 1905, married (1) Bertram Tate in 1935, died in 1972; and (2) Gordon Lewis. In 1931 and 1932, she was a copywriter at an advertising agency Sanagan-Pepler, and in 1933 and 1934, was the Society Reporter for the Toronto Daily Star. Mrs. Margaret Lewis lived in Victoria, B.C. A letter mailed to her by the Editors in April 1994, was returned marked Deceased.
      2. Arthur Hallam, born 1908, married Alverda Elizabeth Jane Tait in 1935. Beginning in 1927, he took Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and remained after graduation to be a research assistant for a few years. He moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, where he had a long career with Shell Development Company, part of the world-wide Shell organisation, becoming a Vice-President. He died April 11, 1986 at Greenwich.
        Arthur and Elizabeth had two daughters and one son:-
        1. Anne Elizabeth, born 1939.
        2. Gordon Hallam, born 1943.
        3. Marion Ruth, born 1945.
    5. Rosalind Katharine Alice, born August 24, 1872 at Harriston, Ontario. Her father registered her birth as Francis [sic] Rosalind. Her marriage certificate lists her as Rosalind Katharine Alice. She married John Percival Bell on October 11, 1899 at Berlin, now Kitchener, Ontario. He was manager of the Bank of Hamilton at Georgetown, Ontario. She died in 1940. Her daughter, Mrs. Alice Robertson, known as Lallie, was the Boultbee family historian for the Ancaster area. Lallie had presented three papers as follows:-
      To the Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society:
      The Boultbees of "Thornvale" (November 13, 1970)
      From Washington Boultbee's Diary, 1837 - 1841 (February 8, 1980)
      To the Ladies' Group at Christ Church Cathedral, Hamilton:
      The Reverend Arthur Boultbee (March 1983)
      The first two papers have been printed in Wentworth Bygones, issues numbered 12 and 13, published by the Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society at Hamilton, Ontario. The third paper is a private manuscript available from the Editors.
      Mrs. Alice Robertson died November 22, 1993 in Hamilton, Ontario.
    6. Arthur Patrick Hunter, born July 3, 1874 at Harriston, Ontario. Beginning in 1892, he was a clerk at the Bank of Toronto, and two years later was a ledgerkeeper at the Bank. In 1892 and 1893, he lived with his Uncle Alfred at 224 Carlton Street. After 1894, his name does not appear in the Toronto Directory until 1911 when his address is 26 The Alexandra. In 1913, he became an Inspector for the Bank of Toronto, and subsequently moved to another city. He returned to Toronto in 1923, as a clerk at the Head Office of the Bank. His last two years, 1933 and 1934, were in the Securities Department of the Bank. He married twice: (1) Katharine Winnifred McGee in 1910, she died the following year and is buried at Waterdown Cemetery, and (2) married M. Ruth Watson in 1913. There were no children by either marriage. Arthur died in 1934, age 60.
    7. Percy Roxburgh, born May 7, 1876 at Georgetown, Ontario, did not marry. Percy was a clerk at the Canadian Bank of Commerce in 1893. He was moved to the Bank's office in Portland, Oregon. He died in Portland on January 27, 1902 when he dived into an empty swimming pool.
    8. Francis Oswald, born January 22, 1878 at Georgetown, Ontario, died 1909.
    9. Oswald Hoste, born 1880, drowned in a sailing accident in 1909. There is a stained glass window memorial to Oswald in St. George's Church, Georgetown, Ontario.
Section 2: The descendants of Washington and Elizabeth Sophia Boultbee (mainly in B.C.)

[Generations are denoted by type of symbol 1 (1st),I (2nd),i (3rd),A (4th) and a (5th). A bold type listing indicates a person who at birth or adoption was a Boultbee. Ed.]

  1. John, was born October 5, 1851 at Thornvale, Ancaster Township, Canada West. He married Elizabeth Hampton on July 5, 1876. He died on August 23, 1906.
    For further details on his life, click here.
    John and Elizabeth had ten children, as follows:-
    1. Helen Isabella, born June 14, 1877 at Hamilton, Ontario. She married Frank Algernon Hewer on January 2, 1904. Died 1952.
    2. William Washington, born February 11, 1879 at Barton, Ontario. He came west as a child with his parents, first to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, then to Tacoma, Washington, and finally to Vancouver, B.C., where he was educated.
          He was engaged in the Salmon Canning Industry until 1903 when he entered the office of his uncle Charles Gardner Johnson, and later became a partner in this office.
          He married Florence Una Nicholles, eldest daughter of John and Clara Nicholles of Victoria, B.C., and niece of Emily Carr, the painter, on June 21, 1906.
          He died in California of a heart attack on March 19, 1936, and is buried in Vancouver.
      William and Florence had two sons and one daughter:-
      1. Jack Gardner, born April 23, 1907, married (1) Stephanie Hope Barbara Hespeler on August 4, 1931.
        For further details on his life, click here.
        Gardner and Stephanie had two sons:-
        1. William Michael, born 1933, married (1) Dorinda Stevens in 1956,
          and married (2) Catherine Frances Olsen in 1968.
          He and Catherine had a son:-
          1. Benjamin Lloyd, born 1970.
          Michael married (3) in 1982 Joan Maureen Sadler.
          They have a daughter:-
          1. Laura Elizabeth Ann, born 1985.
          For further details on Michael's career, click here.
        2. John Jeremy, born 1935, received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia. He has been a journalist with the Toronto Globe & Mail, the Vancouver Sun and the Nanaimo Times. He has been living for some time in Portugal, teaching English, and is still doing occasional journalistic work. In his free time, Jeremy sculpts and paints.
          He married (1) Judith Diana Belchem in 1957, and they had three children:-
          1. Timothy Darrell, born 1958.
          2. Anna Theresa, born 1960. She has changed her full name legally to Teri-Lee d'Aaran.
          3. Michael Gardner, born 1962, married Kathie ____.
          Jeremy married (2) Dalia Maria Treigys in 1969, and they had one daughter:-
          1. Stephanie Megan, born 1970.
          Jeremy married (3) Angela ____.
        Jack Gardner Boultbee married (2) Mabel H. Larsen on August 1, 1941,
        and they had five daughters:-
        1. Elizabeth May, known as Betty, born May 19, 1942, married Frederick A. Lye in 1964. He died in 1986. They had three children: William (Bill), Hody and Zoë.
        2. Helen Ann, born November 28, 1944, married Michael McBride in 1966. They have three children: Lisa, Darren and Shannon.
        3. Thea Jeanette, born July 14, 1946, married (1) Dick Ens in 1968, no issue, and (2) James Rousell in 1975. They have two children: Stacey and Kyle.
        4. Gertrude Mary, born August 30, 1947, married (1) Robert Simpson in 1971, no issue, and (2) Keith Bienia in 1977 and they have one child: Thea Ann.
        5. Kathleen Patricia, born October 3, 1949, married Gary E. Holland in 1970 and they have two children: Karen and Leah.
      2. Frank, born July 16, 1908, died September 13, 1908.
      3. Elizabeth Emily, known as Betty, born August 16, 1909, married Dr. Joseph Cecil Thomas on June 28, 1933.
    3. Gertrude Eliza, born August 8, 1880 at Barton, Ontario, died July 5, 1888.
    4. Kathleen Mary, born February 26, 1882 at Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, married Graham Cruikshank on April 20, 1904, died May 1907.
    5. Nora, born 1884, died 1885.
    6. Ethel, born August 19, 1885, married John Buchan Rose on June 14, 1922, died 1956.
    7. Herbert Norman, born 1887, married Nina Jessie Francis on June 4, 1913, died 1978.
      They had one daughter:-
      1. Jean Evelyn, born May 11, 1925, married Jack Marshall in 1969.
    8. Harriet Marion, born February 15, 1891, married Murdock Roderick Finlayson MacLennan on November 17, 1915, died 1961.
    9. Ernest Leonard, born July 12, 1892, married (1) Helen Jeanette Whitehead on July 12, 1921.
      For further details on his life, click here.
      Leonard and Helen had four children:-
      1. Marian Elizabeth, born April 20, 1922, married John William Arbuckle, on June 12, 1946 and they have four children: Joan Elizabeth who died in 1975, John William Leonard who married Nancy Weber, Peter who married Janet Inman and they have three children, and Ian who married Sheryl ____ in 1992.
      2. Helen Patricia, born April 14, 1926, married Gordon Ross Gilley in 1950. They have three children:- Pamela who married Don Sinclair and they have two children, Sarah and Ross Gilley.
      3. John Leonard, born June 15, 1927, married Helen Ann Carman in 1949. He has been active in the real estate business in Vancouver since joining his father's firm, Boultbee, Sweet & Co. Ltd., in 1947. He became President of the firm in 1964. In 1966, he formed Cumberland Mortgage Company with W. Rafferty Chapman as a partner. In 1967, John became President of Cumberland, and he and his father sold Boultbee, Sweet & Co. Ltd. He left Cumberland in 1984 to start Boultbee Realty Ltd. In 1991, his son William succeeded John as President of this firm. During John's career, he spent a good deal of time in organized Real Estate having at various times been President of the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board, The Real Estate Institute of Canada, and the Real Estate Institute of B.C., as well as a Director of various other associations.
        John and Helen have three children:-
        1. William Leonard, born August 3, 1953, married Nancy Ann Scadden on May 7, 1988,
          and they have one son:-
          1. Liam Alexander Elgin, born December 14, 1988.
        2. Jean Elizabeth, born April 21, 1955, married Andrew John Mill on September 9, 1989, and they have three children, Sian Elizabeth, born May 20, 1990, and twins, Stephen Andrew and Katherine, who were born on April 29, 1992.
        3. Stephen Elgin, born October 3, 1957, married Janice Coleen Henderson on June 3, 1985.
          They have two daughters:-
          1. Kelsey Coleen, born December 14, 1989.
          2. Christine Helen, born March 10, 1991.
      4. Nancy Martin, born October 23, 1931, married William Kennedy, and they have three children.
      Ernest Leonard Boultbee married (2) Frances Margaret Sawle (née Warham) in 1971. He died in 1977.
    10. Sydney Frances, born March 28, 1894, died July 7, 1895.
  2. Charles Arthur was born on April 2, 1853 at Thornvale, Ancaster Township, Canada West. He was educated in eastern Canada. When the family moved west in 1880, he remained in the east for some years and is known to have lived in McGregor, Manitoba. He came to Vancouver about 1907 but only remained a short time. He made his home in the Queen Charlotte Islands. He never married. He had a stroke in 1926 and died on May 14th of that year. He is buried in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
  3. Frances Ann, was born on October 20, 1855 at Thornvale. She did not marry. She died in Vancouver, B.C. some time after 1939.
    For further details on her life, click here.
  4. Edith, was born November 4, 1857 at Thornvale. She married John Gunyon Rutherford in 1885. She died in 1944.
  5. Mary Anne, was born March 13, 1860 at Thornvale. She married Charles Gardner Johnson on December 9, 1885.
  6. Frank Washington, was born on May 23, 1862 at Thornvale. He married his cousin Beatrice Cora Boultbee. He died September 7, 1933 at Agassiz, B.C.
    For further details of his life, click here.
  7. William Joseph, was born on April 18, 1864 at Thornvale. He died June 30, 1876 at Ancaster and is buried in St. John's Churchyard. See also.
  8. Florence Sidney, was born on October 23, 1866 at Thornvale. She married (1) Robert Edmund Johnson on August 10, 1891, and (2) A.E.Phipps.
    For details on her descendants, click here.
  9. Helen Eliza, was born December 9, 1868 at Thornvale. She married John Oliver Benwell on November 4, 1891. She died in 1948, and her cremated remains were buried in St. John's Churchyard, Ancaster, Ontario. A stone was erected in 1954 by her daughter, Mrs. Frank Morrison.
  10. Walter Arnold Stewart, was born December 12, 1871 at Thornvale. He did not marry. He died in 1917 in action in the First World War.

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