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    The new History owes a great deal to the work and contributions of past family members, and we particularly wish to mention Walter Richard Pownall, Henry Travis, Hugh Edmund and his son James Boultbee of England; Horace and Jack Gardner Boultbee of Canada: James Alan Boultbee of Australia, and Alice Robertson of Canada.

    Our most grateful thanks are due to many present family members, to members of another branch of the family, and to individuals and organisations, who have helped us by providing information, illustrations, made available records and documents to us, and undertaken research on our behalf.

In England
Ann Boultbee; Anthony Shercliff Boultbee, Beauchamp Boultbee; Colin Boultbee; Hugh and Susan Boultbee; John Boultbee; Peter James Boultbee; Richard Holbech Boultbee; Betty Evans (née Boultbee); Ian Edwards; Dennis Heathcote; Priscilla Lewthwaite.
In Canada
Alex Boultbee; Eleanor Boultbee; Eric Boultbee; John Leonard Boultbee; Nicholas Boultbee; Stephen and Sylvia Best; Dawn Criddle.
In The United States
Vera Mall (née Boultbee).
In Mainland Australia
Anthony Peter Boultbee; James Maxwell Vernon Boultbee; Judith Nedderman (née Boultbee); Janet Krimmer (née Boultbee); Will Dart; Bevin Fist.
In Tasmania
Nelson Boultbee.
In New Zealand
June Starke.
Also The Following
Hayward's, Publishers, Suffolk, England, for information on O'Byrne's Naval Biographical Dictionary.
The Headmaster of Repton School, England.
Leicestershire Record Office, Leicester, England.
The Yale University Press for information relating to Joseph Boultbee of Coleorton.

     Our joint special thanks to Patricia Boultbee of Canada for typing the whole of the new History and cheerfully coping with innumerable Editorial "Second thoughts", and Editor Elizabeth's special thanks to her niece Frances Vagg for typing for her editorial use a "working copy" of the original History.

Editorial Preface To The New Edition
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