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Chapter VIII -- The Children of Thomas Pownall Boultbee and Caroline Frances Lawrence and Their descendants

  1. James William born January 16, 1851, married Ethel Vernon August 15, 1888. James William was educated at Leeds Grammar School where he was an outstanding athlete and long-distance runner. He entered the Civil Service in the Home Office but did not stay long emigrating to Australia in 1876. After a period of sheep-farming, in 1887 he became Superintendent of Artesian Watering Places for the Lands Department of the Government of New South Wales. The famous Terry-hihi and Pera bores were constructed under his supervision as Senior Field Officer. Such works were for the conservation of water for stock purposes. In 1890 he was appointed Chief Inspector of Public Watering Places in New South Wales. When the work was transferred to the Mines Department in 1903, he became a Metropolitan Bail Magistrate which post he held until his death in Sydney in 1911. He returned to England for a visit in 1902. He married in 1888 Ethel Vernon, daughter of Donald Vernon and Ellen Jenkins. She died in 1956, aged 90. Their children were:-
    1. Marjorie Ellen Vernon born 1889. After James William's death his widow bought a typing/copying business with five typists and, at the age of 19, Marjorie Ellen started work in the business. In 1928 she married Frank Dunn Benson. They had one son, Frank Vernon, born in 1930, who married Neryl Patricia O'Reilly, and they and their children and grandchildren live in the Sydney area. Marjorie Ellen died in 1962.
    2. Donald Vernon born 1892. Educated at Shore Church of England Grammar School, Sydney. Aged 15 he started work with W.D. and H.O. Wills, the tobacco company. He joined up in the Australian Army in 1914. During the 1914 - 1918 War he served in France and Belgium in the 12th Field Company, Royal Engineers, 4th Australian Division. After the war he returned to Wills until retiring. He did not marry and died in 1964.
    3. Frances Marianne Vernon born 1898. After attending a private girls' school, she went to another school with her younger brother. At 14, she joined her sister in their mother's business which she remembered as enjoying. In later years she looked after her mother and brothers at home in Sydney. She became a keen golfer and won many trophies. She died in March, 1994.
    4. James Maxwell Vernon born 1905. Also educated at Shore Church of England Grammar School, Sydney. As a very young man he was articled to a firm of Sydney solicitors, but after some years decided not to pursue a career in law. He then bought a library at Roseville, Sydney which he ran until he enlisted in the Citizens' Military Force -- C.M.F. -- in the 1939 - 1945 War. He was posted to an internment camp for Italian and Japanese prisoners-of-war at Hay, some 350 miles west of Sydney, where he was an orderly and did occasional guard duty. However, his health began to be affected, leading to his discharge and return home. After the War he began working in ceramics and was one of the six best potters working in Sydney. His artistic talent also included a gift for tapestry. Editor Elizabeth has seen some of his beautiful flower studies and other pictures, perhaps his magnum opus being a large wallhanging of Stordon Grange, the same view as in the last black and white photograph reproduced in the section on Stordon Grange . Max, as he is known in the family, lived in a retirement village at Castle Hill near Sydney from 1982 with his sister Frances and continued to do so after her death. He died in March 1995.
  2. Walter Ernest
    Walter Ernest Boultbee
    (1853 - 1897)
    born June 13, 1853, he died December 6, 1897 at 3:00 p.m. Married Ellen Baker, April 30, 1885. He was also educated at Leeds Grammar School. He joined the Civil Service and became Private Secretary to three successive Chief Commissioners of the Metropolitan Police -- Sir Charles Warren (at the time of the Jack the Ripper murders in Whitechapel, London), General Munro and Sir Edward Bradford. He died while Secretary to the last named. He married, in 1885, Ellen who was the eighth of the nine daughters of Henry Baker, a London Russia Merchant, and Thirmuthis Mayo. She was born in 1847 and died in 1926. They had two sons:-
    1. Walter Richard Pownall born November 8, 1886. He was educated at Berkhamsted and Merchant Taylors' Schools and commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Marine Artillery, 1904. He served in many famous pre- and post- 1914 - 1918 War Royal Navy ships. From 1913 to 1917 he was Commanding Officer of the Royal Marine garrison on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic, and in 1919 was on the ill-fated Allied expedition to North Russia. He was a gunner and from 1929 to 1932 was Instructor to the School of Land Artillery attached to Eastney Barracks, Portsmouth. He retired in 1943 with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He was a strong Freemason -- Worshipful Master of the Navy Lodge, London, 1941 -- London Grand Rank, 1953 -- and Provincial Rank, Grand Sword-bearer, Province of Kent, 1954.
          He married in 1918, in Scotland, while on leave from North Sea convoy duty, Daisy Laura Agnes Holbech, younger daughter of Captain Edward Ambrose Holbech, R.N. and Mary Louisa Gresley. She was born in 1886. [I still remember the naval shout of 'gangway old man' as he came down the passage of his home in Rochester which would make one, as a small child of about 6 or 7, jump out of one's skin. His voice was particulary loud a side effect of his deafness caused by the noise of the guns he used to command. RHB]
      Walter Richard Pownall died in 1975 and Daisy Laura Agnes in 1961. Their children are:-
      1. Daisy Elizabeth born 1922. Educated at St. George's School, Ascot, Berkshire, and trained as an architect 1939 - 1943. She worked on schools, hospitals, and Chemistry and Engineering laboratories at Cambridge University. She retired in 1981, and does voluntary work for various local organisations. [She is of course one of the joint editors of this new version of the history. RHB]
      2. Thomas Holbech born 1925. Educated at King's School, Canterbury, and Keble College, Oxford, 1943 - 1947, taking a degree in Chemistry. He worked on Research, Development and Marketing in the Plastics Industry, 1947 - 1983. He served in the Territorial Army, 1949 - 1960, Captain, Royal Artillery (T.A.). In 1955, he married Zoë Le Grys Cottis, daughter of Percy Everitt Cottis, M.C. and Jessie Mildred Le Grys at Dedham, Essex. Their children are:-
        1. Richard Holbech born 1956. Educated at Dulwich College, 1966 - 1975. He is a computer programmer and systems analyst with the Ministry of Defence, London. In 1983 he married Tina June Miller at Hayes, Kent. Their children are:-
          1. Charlotte Ann born 1984.
          2. Thomas Holbech born 1986.
          3. James Edward born 1989.
        2. Hugh Edward born 1958. Educated at King's School, Canterbury. He is a computer programmer in London and the owner of a historic property on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent.
        3. Frances Jane born 1961. In 1985 she married Jeffrey Charles Vagg, an accountant, at Hayes, Kent.
    2. Thomas Edward Mayo born December 23, 1889. Educated at the King's School, Canterbury, and Merton College, Oxford. He trained for the ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and was ordained at Canterbury in 1914. He had various curacies including Stratford-on-Avon, 1920-1931. Priest-in-charge Shottery, 1926-1931 and Vicar of Bishopton, Warwickshire, 1922-1931. He became Vicar of Gaydon with Chadshunt, Warwickshire in 1931, and in 1943 was presented by his College to the Vicarage of St. Cross, Holywell, Oxford. In 1926 he married Monica Mary Pippet, daughter of the Reverend William Archibald Pippet and Mary Anne Evans. Thomas Edward Mayo died in 1950 and Monica Mary in 1974. They had one daughter:-
      1. Judith Monica born in 1927, educated at the Croft School, Stratford-on-Avon, and the Shropshire College of Domestic Science. From 1947-1951, she was Head Cook at St. Hugh's College, Oxford, and Assistant Head Cook at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital. From 1951-1953 Manageress Oxford County Council Canteen, Oxford. From 1953-1960 she was attached to the R.W.V.S. Overseas branch in Germany and Singapore with U.K. service personnel, and this period included two years in Malaysia working with Gurkha Regiment families. On returning home from 1961-1963 she was Students' Warden at a Nursery Nurses Training College in London. In 1962 she married John Nedderman, a civil engineer, and they and their two adopted daughters, Sarah Judith Mary, born in 1969, and Helen Monica, born in 1974, now live in Chapel Hill, Brisbane, Australia. In Australia Judith Monica has done Domestic Science work in Melbourne, Perth, and also Papua, New Guinea. She now does voluntary work at a Brisbane Private Hospital.
  3. Alice Emily Maria born March 17, 1855. Her brother, Hugh Edmund wrote -- She never left home, remaining with her father and acting as mother to his younger children. She was a singularly lovable soul, possessing a restful spirit with a strong vein of humour in her character. She was a true Christian and her Home Call, so sudden from a stroke of paralysis, caused a great blank in the lives of her father and surviving brothers and sisters. She died January 12, 1914 and was buried at Reading.
  4. Henry Travis
    Reverend Henry Travis Boultbee
    (1856 - 1940)
    born October 22, 1856. He was educated at Stourbridge and Leeds Grammar Schools. After a short career in commerce he went to Gloucester Theological College and was ordained at York Minster in 1883. He was Vicar of Hornby, Yorkshire, in 1894 where he was also Domestic Chaplain to the Duke of Leeds, and Burton-on-Trent in 1903. He retired in 1916 to Guildford and finally to Cheltenham. He married in 1884 Mary Augusta Dalton, daughter of the Reverend George Forster Dalton and Susan Augusta Vale. Henry Travis died in 1940 and Mary Augusta in 1933. Their children are:-
    1. Violet Mary born February 12, 1885. She was a Guider, and also occasionally did Missionary work. She did not marry and died in 1968.
    2. Harold Dalton born 1887. He was an aircraft engineer and designer. Managed aircraft section of Proctor's, Lincoln, during 1914-1918. He was a designer with Gloster Aircraft and also worked with Handley Page, de Havilland and Pobjoy Aircraft Co's. In 1912 he married Ivy Shercliff, daughter of Richard Shercliff and Emma Stephens. Ivy was a writer and artist. Harold Dalton died in 1967 and Ivy in 1976. They had one son:-
      1. Anthony Shercliff, born in 1916, now retired but formerly an aircraft maintenance and missile development engineer. He married, in 1945, Simonne Marie Lazennec, daughter of Jean-François Lazennec, a pre-World War II Sea Captain and Seine River pilot and Marie-Louise Hervé. Simonne is a bilingual translator. Their children are:-
        1. Richard Lazennec born 1947. He married Frances O. Wickett in 1970. They have a design/workshop in Dyfed, Wales specialising in slate carving. Their children are:-
          1. Eleanor Robin born 1975.
          2. Alice Jo born 1977.
        2. Françoise Marjorie born 1949. She married in 1970 Richard Johnathan Edwards, and is a specialist in computer graphics. Their children are: Daniel James born 1975, Duncan Mark born 1977, and Claire Marie born 1982.
    3. Marjorie born August 24, 1889. In 1932 she married the Reverend Hugh Birley. She died in 1951 and her husband in 1939.
  5. Hugh Edwin born March 21, 1859, died May 29, 1859. Buried at Bidford.
  6. Eliza Frances born December 9, 1860. Eliza Frances did not marry and devoted her life to teaching the deaf and dumb to speak or lip-read, work to which she was drawn by the disability of her sister Anne Gertrude. She was well-known as a teacher and wrote among other books her best-known, Help for the Deaf. She died in 1925 and was buried at Reading.
  7. Marianne Agatha born October 12, 1862. She married in 1904 her cousin Francis Graham Moore and died in 1920.
  8. Anne Gertrude born December 18, 1865, died September 12, 1887. She was deaf and dumb but was taught to lip-read by her sister Eliza Frances.
  9. Hugh Edmund born June 23, 1868. Like his elder brothers he was educated at Leeds Grammar School and like his father, was initially apprenticed to the railway engineering trade with Handswell, Clarke and Co. at their Railway Foundry, Leeds. However, eventually he decided to take Holy Orders, and after studying at Durham University was ordained in 1893. After curacies at Doncaster and Southwark, London, he became Vicar of Clifton, Bristol, followed by Greyfriars, Reading, in 1905, Surbiton Hill, Surrey in 1915 and finally Bebington, Wirral, Cheshire, in 1918 where he was also Mayor's Chaplain. In 1895 he married Amy Lumb, daughter of George Lumb and Ann Pollard. Hugh Edmund died in 1941 and Amy in 1940. [The Editor Elizabeth remembers well as a small child, in about 1928, staying at the Vicarage at Bebington, a very large mid-Victorian house with its cavernous old-fashioned kitchen with a stone-flagged floor.] Hugh Edmund and Amy's children follow the picture below:-

    Rev. Hugh Edmund Boultbee and Family
    Front row:  MARGARET JOYCE, JOSEPH HUGH (photo about 1909)

    1. James born December 5, 1895 at Doncaster. He was educated at Reading Grammar School and then entered St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford, but his time there was interrupted by the 1914-1918 War. He joined the Army and was commissioned in the Royal Berkshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion. He saw service in France with the 8th Division in the very heavy fighting in the closing months of the War, many of his brother officers being killed. He returned in 1919 to Oxford to complete his studies at St. Edmund's Hall. He trained for the Ministry at Wycliffe Hall and was ordained in 1920. He was Curate at St. Clement, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, 1920-1925, and St. Mary, Cheadle, 1925-1927. He was Vicar of St. Luke's, Wolverhampton, 1927; St. Mark's, New Ferry, Cheshire, 1938, and St. Nicholas, Tolleshunt Major, Essex, in 1954, from where he eventually retired to Bridport, Dorset. It was in his retirement that he transcribed the Journal of a Rambler. He married, in 1924, Winifred Mary Langrish Warne, elder daughter of William Frewing Warne and Mary Stephens. James died in 1987 and was buried at Bridport. Their children are:-
      1. Joan born January 29, 1925. She trained as a Nursery Nurse at Birkenhead. After a short period nursing at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, London, from 1950-1957 she was in charge of a Convalescent Home for Mothers and Babies at Birkenhead, and from 1957-1960 in charge of a Home for Mothers and Babies at Croydon, Surrey. She married in 1960 Henry Lavender Frost, and lives in Essex.
      2. Peter James born March 3, 1928. He trained at Liverpool University Medical School, qualifying in 1951, M.B., Ch.B. After a year at the Royal Southern Hospital, Liverpool, as Physician Houseman, from 1952-1954 he was a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps, as R.M.O. attached to the 1st Dorset Regiment in Hong Kong. He returned to the Royal Southern as House Surgeon. Through Dr. Charles Evans, a well-known mountaineer, in 1955 Peter joined, as Medical Officer, a six-month expedition to climb several peaks in the Nepalese Himalayas. He then specialised in Anaesthesia and after posts in the Liverpool area was Consultant Anaesthetist at Broad Green Cardio-Thoracic Surgical Unit in 1965. In 1968 he moved to the Isle of Man where he was Consultant Anaesthetist at Noble's Hospital until he retired. In 1956 he married Elizabeth Cynthia Evans, a nurse whom he had met at the Royal Southern Hospital, daughter of Thomas Charles and Gertrude Florence Evans, at Tolleshunt Major, Essex. Their children are:-
        1. Sarah Jane born 1957. She married in 1986, Paul Watterson. Their children are: Florence Hannah Jane, born 1989, Rachel, born 1991, and Thomas Edward Paul, born 1994.
        2. David Neil born 1959, an officer in the Meteorological Bureau based at Ronaldsway Airport, Isle of Man. In 1985 he married Fiona Judith Lewthwaite, daughter of Peter and Priscilla Lewthwaite. Their children are:-
          1. James Peter born 1986.
          2. George Henry born 1988.
          3. Lydia Charlotte born 1989.
        3. Joanna Ruth Helen born 1964. In 1987 she married Robert Glew. Their children are: Jacob Samuel born 1988, and Sophie born 1991.
        4. Katherine Mary Ann born 1965. In 1986 she married Philip John Bonson. Their children are: Jessica Catherine born 1990, and Joseph David born 1993.
    2. Amy Winifred born April 14, 1897. She did not marry and died in 1991.
    3. Edith Cecilia Marianne born August 19, 1899. In 1933 she married Alexander Reginald Wakefield Richardson. There is a surviving son, Hugh. Marianne, known in the family as Mary, lives in Northern Ireland.
    4. Joseph Hugh born March 17, 1903. He was educated at King's College School, Wimbledon and Birkenhead School. He qualified in medicine at Liverpool University, during his studies taking a course in Midwifery at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. He joined the Indian Medical Service in 1929. He returned from India on leave, with the rank of Captain, in 1935, and did further studying at the Rotunda. In 1936 he married Dorothy Rosa Rachel Solomons, also a doctor, who had held a post at the Children's Hospital, Dublin, and daughter of Edwin Maurice Solomons, of Dublin, and Rachel Marion Michaelson. Joseph Hugh then took a senior officer's course at Milbank Military Hospital, London, and also studied for the Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. He and his wife returned to India in 1937, but were forced to leave the following year due to his serious illness.
          On sick leave until 1941, he returned alone to India to Agra, Dorothy then working at Port Sunlight Hospital, Birkenhead. He was appointed Professor of Obstetrics at Allahabad and was about to take up that post when illness recurred. He was invalided home with the rank of Major in 1942. He practised as a G.P. in Suffolk for two years at Wickhambrook and Bury St. Edmunds, and they finally settled at Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire in 1945 in partnership. He died in 1971 and was buried in the village churchyard. He was most skilled at tapestry, and made a beautiful altar frontal for the church at Frampton. Their children are:-
      1. Joseph Edwin born in 1939. He was educated at the King's School, Canterbury, and trained as a doctor at Trinity College, Dublin. After house posts at Gloucester and Portsmouth he went to Guy's Hospital, London in 1968, training there in Radiology, until 1975. In January, 1976 he went to Durban, South Africa, as a Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Radiology, also doing research. From 1980 he has been Consultant at the Charing Cross Hospital, London, specialising in Diagnostic Radiology. He married in 1976, in Durban, Margaret Fletcher, daughter of Jack and Lorna Fletcher, of Sydney, Australia. Their children are:-
        1. Nicholas born in 1978.
        2. Anna Clare born in 1980.
      2. Frances Dorothy born in 1943. She was educated at St. George's School, Ascot, Berkshire, and trained as a teacher at the Froebel Institute, Roehampton. She taught at Haberdasher Aske's, Acton; Abbots Leigh County Primary School, Bristol; St. George's English School at Rome, Italy; and Clifton College. She married in 1972, Charles Nigel Sommerville, a solicitor, younger son of William Sommerville and Mary Whiskard, at Frampton-on-Severn. Their children are: Peter Joseph born 1981, and Matthew William born in 1985.
    5. Margaret Joyce born April 18, 1905. She did not marry and died in 1989.
    Hugh Edmund was the youngest of JB's children by his first wife, Marianne. There were no children by his second wife, Fanny. His children by his third wife Mary, were:-
  10. Agnes Clara born September 19, 1875. She married, in 1906, the Reverend James Wallace, Vicar of St. Andrew's, Thornhill Square, Barnsbury, North London. From 1914 to 1919 her mother lived with them after JB's death. Agnes Clara died in 1951 and her husband in 1927.
  11. Richard Augustine born December 8th, 1877, died November 29, 1889.

Chapter X -- William Boultbee, his Wife Frances Ann Appleyard and Their Children and Descendants
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