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Frank Washington Boultbee (1862 - 1933)

 Frank Washington, known as Tom, was the son of Washington Boultbee and Elizabeth Sophia Bourne.  He was born at Ancaster, Ontario on  May 23, 1862.  He was educated at Hamilton, Ontario, and probably at the University of Toronto for he graduated as a Civil Engineer.

1862 - 1933

    At age 20, he left home for Winnipeg, Manitoba, and secured employment with the survey crews laying the routes for the Canadian Pacific Railway across the Prairies.
     By late March 1885, he had joined the Winnipeg Field Battery, and served with them in putting down the North-west Rebellion in the Districts of Saskatchewan and Alberta.  He was in action at the battles of Fish Creek April 24th, and Batoche May 9th to 12th and received a Medal with Clasp for his services.  By May 28, 1885, the rebellion was over, and Frank was discharged at Winnipeg.  In later years he continued military activity with the militia, rising to command the 6th Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles, Winnipeg as Lieutenant Colonel by 1907.
     He was employed on the engineering staff of the Canadian Pacific Railway as its line progressed westward to Vancouver. In the mountain area, he was involved with the construction of sheds to keep snow off the tracks.  The first passenger train from Montreal arrived at Port Moody Station near Vancouver on July 4, 1886.
     Upon completion of the railroad, Frank stayed in Vancouver and found employment with the City's Water Department.  He prepared surveys for the distribution of water, and later became Secretary of that Department and held the position for 18 years.  Due to ill health, he retired, and moved to Chilliwack, British Columbia, and went into the hardware business with his niece's husband Frank Hewer. At the outbreak of World War I, he enlisted with his old regiment and went overseas as Colonel.  He survived the war, and took up fruit farming at Agassiz in the Fraser River Valley about 75 miles east of Vancouver.
     On October 30, 1923, he married Beatrice Cora Boultbee his fourth cousin one generation removed, and the daughter of Arthur Hughes Boultbee and Alice Bell of England. Frank and Bea had no children.
     Frank Washington Boultbee died September 7, 1933 at Agassiz, and was buried in Vancouver.
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