The Ancestors of Richard Holbech Boultbee

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The information held here is the result of over 20 years trawling through initially paper records and then more recently the internet to find my family roots. I did not think for one moment when I started that it would become an obsession but quite frankly there is nothing I enjoy more on a cold winters evening than finding another long lost connection in the distant past. Of course nowadays it is not long before when tracing a new line I bump into one I already have. It is a true and certain fact that the English upper classes did not often marry outside the circle. The first thing I would say is I am not a professional genalogist but I am a government statistician and that give me an eye for things that sometimes others might miss. I do not pretend that this database is entirely accurate either but I do try and cross check where possible and go with the current consensus. I would like to thank all those involved in providing such a wealth of information on the net and elsewhere including in no particular order John Steed (I have been using his excellent Brother's Keeper Software for a very long time), Google, Douglas Richardson, Stirnet, Family Search (LDS), FreeBMD, Rootsweb Worldconnect, Genesreunited, the Burkes, Falconer Madan (1851-1935), Thomas Pownall Boultbee (1818-1884), my Aunt Elizabeth Boultbee (1922-2003), Mike "Joppo" Jopson (1968-) and Dennis Heathcote (1932-2004).
Some statistics it is my profession so forgive me:
Theoretical number of Ancestors found: 400,775
Actual number of individuals allowing for duplicate descents: 7,322
Average number of descents from individual ancestor: 54.73
Largest Ahnetafel number in data: 47,279,838,106,688
Known Ancestor Ratio at generation 25 : 1 / 2,523
Number of 7 generation Ancestor Charts: 2,210
Maximum Number of descents from an individual: 6174 (Alfred "The Great" West Saxon King of England)
Maximum number of descents of the same degree: 1551 (Alfred "The Great" West Saxon King of England as my 35GGF)
Widest margin of descent: 16 generations (Hugh le CORBEAU or CORBET 23GGF to 38GGF excluding 37GGF)